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Kaitaia College

Region: Tai Tokerau

Art form: Music

Project name: Music Matters

Creative name: Maggie Gould, Nanny Assis, Kevin Field

Project Information

We will cover music experiences from Brazil, such as jazz and world music, along with Māori and Polynesian influences in a collaborative creative process. We will teach students how to develop musical ability with vocal, percussion, guitar, bass piano, songwriting, performance, recording and industry techniques to prepare students for the music and creative industries. We will assist students with songwriting their original music, their sound, that tells their story. We will combine the rhythms from Brazil, Afro-Cuban and Polynesian, developing students ideas in their songs in English, Te Reo and instrumental ideas.

Students will end workshops with a concert, plus a recording for their personal portfolios they can use to engage in other work and projects. They will see personal development and growth with encouragement in their own ability and level in music, performance and songwriting. They will gain confidence and pride in telling their own story with assistance from creatives who have worked internationally with vocal, guitar, bass, music arranging and performance lessons.

We will end with a concert performance for the school, parents and the public to encourage pride and show skills and talent within the group. Each student will have a recording for their portfolio.

Project starting: February 2023

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