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Arts Online promotes professional communication through community discussion groups for each discipline, for primary and early childhood teachers, and for secondary school arts coordinators. Mailing lists are a great tool for sharing information and views on relevant topics - posts go straight to your email inbox! Mailing list discussions for Arts online are facilitated by the Arts Online team.

 We welcome input from all arts educators. You can become an active member of this community by:

  • subscribing to the relevant communities (email based discussion groups) - see below
  • sending newsletter items to the relevant email lists - send events in your schools and regions to Events area
  • using and contributing to the Teacher Resource Exchange.

 These email discussion lists are open to all arts teachers and other interested educators:

Note: attached files cannot be more than 1 megabyte (about 1,000 kilobytes) in size. You can find the size of a file by right-clicking on the file and choosing 'Properties'. Images in a file will often cause large file-sizes, so removing some images may help reduce the size.

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