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Kia ora - welcome to Arts Online

Arts Online is the key communication network and quality resource portal for New Zealand arts education.

There are three main sections to the site – teaching and learning resources, planning tools to support curriculum development, and email-based communities of practice for each of the arts disciplines.

The site also offers digistories, case studies, monthly newsletters and an option to share your local news events. All feedback is most welcome.

Creatives in Schools

Round 2 applications

Applications for the second round of 110 projects in 2021 are now open. Applications will close on 21 August.

The Ministry of Education invites schools and kura throughout New Zealand to apply for funding to deliver a new creative project in partnership with a professional artist or creative practitioner. 

Creatives in Schools is a new programme in which professional artists and creative practitioners partner with schools and kura to share their specialist knowledge and creative practice with students and ākonga.

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Kids Painting on Wall
Okareka Dance Company artistic directors Taiaroa Royal and Taane Mete talk about thei

Why Virtual Choirs Don’t Work
During the Covid-19 crisis, there have been rumours ‘virtual’ choirs being shared on the internet. While this video was created for comic effect, the reality is that these “virtual choir” videos going around require extensive amounts of painstaking coordination and production work (I have seen estimates in the 80-100 hour range). 
As a point of reference, this video took about five hours all told.
There is no live platform - Zoom or not - in which this is possible, because of the lag time.

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