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James Cook High School

Region: Auckland

Art form: Visual Arts

Project name: Innovation Station mural

Creative name: Monika Goodman

Project Information

We plan to design and produce a mural on the wall at the Innovation Station. This will be students own work and will impact the physical space of the Innovation Station. The aim would be to work together as a team with our artist, really exploring the meaning behind the mural and involving students ideas and work.

Students will be exposed to learning the skills and technology of vinyl cutting to a high professional standard. The project will focus on gaining real life skills and will be a real introduction to careers in sign writing, producing wraps, and design concepts. It will also bring in aspects of teamwork.

The educational aims will be to use teamwork skills, design concepts, skills of priming and painting, use of technology, vinyl cutting and will have NCEA credits attached to it. It will be a cross-curriculum project which will involve aspects of various subjects including English as we look into the meaning behind the poem that the mural is based on.

The process of this project will involve reading a poem and reflecting on its meaning. It will also involve learning priming, vinyl cutting, vinyl application, stencilling and painting techniques. The project will start with background preparation, learning and practicing vinyl cutting, stencilling, stencil application.

Project starting: April 2023

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