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Cobden School

Region: Nelson/Marlborough/West Coast

Art form: Ngā Toi Māori

Project name: Te Maara o Te Waka Hauora

Creative name: Anthony Apirana Manuel

Project Information:
We are on a journey to develop Te Maara o Te Waka Hauora for ākonga to continue to connect with the environment and build a sense of belonging. This outdoor area will allow for creative play and learning as well as representing our journey as a school and our learning of local stories. 

Te Maara o te Waka Hauora is located in the centre of Cobden school and was started in 2021, with ākonga consultation and the construction of Te Waka Hauora. We now wish to enhance and extend Te Maara o te Waka Hauora, with the help of Creative Partner Anthony Apirana Manuel (Tony). Three small to medium pou will be carved and painted to sit within Te Maara o te Waka Hauora. The whakairo will incorporate Cobden School’s kaitiakitanga in the unique community and physical environment of Cobden. It will also explore hauora; the Atua; and the whakapapa of Cobden. We will also attach Rauawa on the sides of the waka which will be painted with puhoro design.

At the beginning of the project Tony will talk with the students and kaiako, exploring their role as kaitiaki within their environment; Atua; whakapapa of Cobden; hauora including Te Whare Tapa Wha; and the role that Te Maara o te Waka Hauora plays in the kura. Together they will ascertain what is important to be represented in the artworks. Whānau hui will take place where Tony will korero and share the kaupapa. The three pou will then be designed, and under the supervision and guidance of Tony the senior boys will be introduced to whakairo, including tikanga and kawa. These tuakana will then join Tony in carving the pou. The senior girls will be involved in painting the rauawa which will be attached to Te Waka Hauora.  Junior ākonga will participate in the kōrero, and be able to view the process. Within their classes, creative art and play will be complementary to that which is evolving in Te Maara o te Waka Hauora. Teachers will be supported through a PD session. There will be further planting of harakeke, grasses and rongoā plants to enhance Te Maara o te Waka Hauora, with ākonga participating.

Project starting: February 2023

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