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Avonside Girls' High School

Region: Canterbury

Art form: Visual Arts

Project name: Relocation & Belonging

Creative name:

Project Information:
The aim for this project is for students to develop their collective sense of belonging through public art which will in turn connect them with their new community. Avonside Girls' High School has recently relocated from the suburb of Avonside to New Brighton. The aim is to reflect on this journey, both their own journey and the Avonside Girls' who came before them, and respond by creating a piece of public art in our new home.

The creative outcome will be a public mural between Rawhiti domain and New Brighton beach. Students will research, come up with their own collective concept, and develop their designs both individually and together as a group. Students will also learn how to work with various materials needed for outdoor murals and partake in the prep work needed before painting can begin on site.

Students will get to experience art making as a collective, which involves communicating, compromising, delegating and being a team player. Students will have the opportunity to work with a young local artist who is making a living through her incredible and varied art practice. Students will get to learn about the history of Avonside Girls' HS and how the previous 100+ years on the old site are still important and relevant to all of us on our new site in New Brighton.

Together we will pitch the overarching aim of creating a piece of public art that reflects Avonside's journey to our current location. Students will research and plan how they would like to visually represent this. Once a collective theme is decided on, individuals can develop their own aspects of the design. At this stage students can learn about and practice using the materials needed for public art. Students can help prep the fence surface and then draw up and paint their collective design. Students will document and reflect on the processes and have a celebration with whānau and community to showcase their work.

Project starting: February 2023

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