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Arrowtown School

Region: Otago/Southland

Art form: Multi-Disciplinary

Project name: Nga Hau e Wha

Creative name:

Project Information
Arrowtown School has recently completed a large re-build and as part of this a creative space called ‘Nga Hau e Wha’ has been designed specifically to celebrate the stories within the community. This is a place to nurture growth, new beginnings and foster mindfulness and well being within the school community.

This year the ‘Nga Hau e Wha’ garden will be opened officially to the wider community and it feels fitting as a place of stories to give the area a voice and create a collaborative performance that the whole school can witness, celebrate and own going forward.

The aim is to write a story with the Year 5/6 team that navigates the four winds of our school compass/community. The standing Pou in the garden and the characters of Tawhirimatea will be our anchor for this study. Our collaborative story will be dramatized using a multi-disciplinary approach to create a performing arts experience that will be performed for the community. This experience will be performed within the ‘Nga Hau e Wha’ garden; combination of dance, drama, music and the visual arts will be used.

In Term 4 the students will work alongside the creative and their teachers to develop a story that will be worked into a performance piece. Their performance will be shared towards the end of Term 4 with the school community in the Nga Hau e Wha Garden.

Project starting: July 2023

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