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Te Atatu Intermediate

Region: Auckland

Art form: Visual and Performing Arts

Project name: Being Seen

Project information:

Outcomes for students and ākonga: The students enjoyed working with our artists and connected quickly. Students had a rich experience of drama with the help of experts in the field. They further developed key competencies and achievement objectives of arts in the NZ curriculum. Student outcomes were of a high standard.

Outcomes for teachers and kaiako: Teachers enjoyed working with another artist and engaging with fresh ideas and discussion. There was a great curriculum link between visual art and dance and drama across the programme and the cohesion between the output of the art piece to develop a dramatic interaction worked well. There was excellent professional development and networking within the community.

Outcomes for creatives: Creatives gained experience in an educational setting and saw how their subject can be supported in the NZ curriculum. They had the opportunity to use their expertise in a meaningful way that can make a difference in the community.

Outcomes for parents and whānau: Positive links were made with the community and children had exposure to the arts and a rich experience that they might not have otherwise had.

Project status: In progress

Project photo gallery:


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