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Tauraroa Area School

Region: Tai Tokerau

Art form: Kowhaiwhai/Whakairo

Project name: Kahui Ako 4 Creative Collaboration 

Creative name: Mike Cameron

Project information: 

Outcomes for students and ākonga: Students experienced success, built confidence in their art, and were encouraged to reflect and think about their thoughts and feelings as they produced work. The lessons were guided by manaakitanga, kotahitanga and whakawhanaungatanga, and well-being was the main focus with the art skills being taught in a safe environment. All students participated fully in the process and decision making. They had feelings of success, increased confidence, and connectedness. Students enjoyed the process and were able to communicate their feelings about the project.

Outcomes for teachers and kaiako: The teachers enjoyed being part of the project and having the opportunity to work alongside their students without being the person in charge. This enabled them to spend one-on-one time with students, see their different strengths, and gain new ideas for their classrooms. Many spoke about ideas that had sprung from the project, which some would like to explore further as a creative project. Each school built a stronger relationship with their community by sharing the art, photos, and comments.

Outcomes for creative: The creative engaged the community and brought them together. He demonstrated a strong work ethic and ability to adapt lessons according to students’ needs. He developed confidence in teaching children and in his own practice. The successful work allowed him to deliver his first creative in schools project and the final work is a unique piece to add to his portfolio.

Outcomes for parents and whānau: The artworks are on display throughout the area and as more people view the art, the greater the impact of the project. In some schools parents and the BOT were present during the lessons, all schools shared their photos with parents, and all schools now have one large artwork that can be enjoyed by the community. This is our launch of the Kahui Ako and with the artwork (and a sign next to it), people will gain a better understanding of the COL. Not only is our Kahui Ako of 16 schools extremely excited about the project, the word has spread to the 5 Kahui Ako in Whangarei who would like to follow our model. Our focus is well-being and this art will such a positive long-term impact and everyone will be able to enjoy the pride that is experienced when work is on display. This was an unintended, but very real, outcome. 

Project status: Completed

Project photo gallery:


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