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Maui: A Pacific Super Hero

Maui - One Man Against the Gods is a new, New Zealand theatre production that tells the life story of the Maori demi-god, Maui, using a stunning mix of contemporary dance, kapa haka, drama, "AERIAL THEATRE" and original music by New Zealand composer Gareth Farr.

Maui has been performed in Wellington (in May/June 2005), Christchurch (in May/June 2006), Auckland at the Civic Theatre (April 18-29), Hamilton at the Founders Theatre (May 2-6) and a return to Wellington at Westpac St James (May 9-13) in 2007.

A full DVD film of the show (shot at the Civic Theatre in Auckland) is available for purchase for $40 (incl GST + postage) from the producers of the show. Teachers can use this DVD and the teaching resource materials on the Arts Online website to teach the four Arts curriculum disciplines at primary and secondary level.

This is an integrated Primary School Arts resource based on super heroes aimed at level 3 of the curriculum.

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