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The Gardens School

Region: Auckland

Art form: Drawing, Animation, Film

Project name: Developing Language Through Animation and Film 

Creative name: Munro Te Whata

Project information: Creative Aims: Develop skills in Visual Arts, Animation and Film so students can express ideas through creative mediums. Educational Aim: To support Year 7 and 8 boys' language development through Animation and Film making. Our Māori and Pacific boys are reluctant writers. We want to provide a creative outlet for ideas to develop language (oral and written) through visual medium, using a strong Māori male role model, to allow this group to see success in a different light. We are concerned for these students' progress and need to adapt their mindset. Ethnically and educationally, these students fall within the categories most at risk of poor educational outcomes. Students will learn video making/editing software and develop concepts for making films. They will learn animation/drawing and work together to write the story, prepare the script, complete storyboards and make a film, post-editing, adding sound tracks. Our local curriculum encompasses 21st-century skills, key competencies and the use of ICT. This project enhances the students' time management, collaboration, goal setting, agile problem solving, and inquiry, whilst allowing them to practise key competencies. This project will take advantage of their enjoyment of using technology, providing an avenue to express themselves through film and animation.

Project status: In progress

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