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Patea Area School

Region: Taranaki/Whanganui /Manawatu

Art form: Painting/mural

Project name: Awa Project

Creative name: Luther Ashford, Navajo Hibbs

Project information: The aim is to support ākonga in researching the rich stories of the awa (Patea River) and expressing them in murals to be installed in the school and community. The creative will collaborate with the school to create a project which builds our 'Good Person Profile', key competencies, and PRIDE values (Participation, Respect, Integrity, Diversity, Excellence). Approximately 69% of students at Patea Area School (PAS) are Māori. Te Ao Māori will be integrated into every aspect of the work. Ākonga in years 11-13 will be able to gain NCEA credits in Art History, Art, and History. We are confident that we can work effectively in a bilingual and bicultural context. PAS is committed to an innovative local curriculum. All inquiry learning is student-centred. NCEA courses are tailored for individuals to cater to their strengths and interests.

Project status: In progress

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