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Mapua School

Region: Nelson/Marlborough/West Coast

Art form: Wood carving (Pou Whenua)

Project name: Toi Whakairo (Pou Whenua) 

Creative name: Gordon Toi

Project information: Our school has the unique opportunity to work with an internationally renowned Tā Moko tattooist and master carver. He has strong ties with our kura and community, with his youngest son attending Māpua School. The students will be involved in the creative process of designing and carving Pou Whenua with the guidance and expertise of this master carver. These Pou will tell our unique story and reflect the relationships between our ancestors, environment, and the standing of the Tangata Whenua. They will show our identity, tell our story, and mark our place of significance at our school. This project meets our Motueka Kāhui Ako COL goal to continue to build educationally strong connections and partnerships with parents, families, whānau, and community (in particular, with Māori parents, whānau and iwi). As a school, we are committed to using the Relationship-based Learning Profile (Cognition Education) to create a family-like context for learning by caring and nurturing the learner, including their language and culture. All five key competencies are embedded in this authentic learning experience for our ākonga (relating to others, participating and contributing, using language and symbols, managing self, and thinking).

Project status: In progress

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