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Creative ID: 33

Art form(s): Community arts, Crafts/objects, Design, Digital arts, Game design, Literature, Multi-disciplinary, Music
Language(s): English
Based in: Auckland
Where I'm available:
Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Canterbury, Gisborne, Hawke’s Bay, Marlborough, Nelson – Tasman, Northland, Otago, Southland, Taranaki, Waikato, Wellington, West coast, Whanganui – Manawatu
All over the country, at times in the North Island and at times in the South Island. Prefer to be inside during the colder months of autumn and winter.
When I'm available: Not available until June 2020. Available five days of the school week.

My arts or creative practice (including details about my specific focus within that art form/practice and my strengths)

I'm good at what I do. I enjoy teaching what I know. I'm unique and different.

My track record of experience and success - or the track record of experience and success of the creative or artist that I will partner with

  • Mary Biggs at the NZ Book Council and my recent time in Featherston.
  • Zinefests.
  • Constant touring last five years.
  • Markets.
  • Street side retail and manufacture.
  • Every day is community engagement.

Describe the experience you have had working with children or young people, teaching or facilitating creative processes

Taught graphic design / computer literacy to PhD level at AUT 1996–2001. Book Council events in Nelson and Featherston. Workshops for young zine makers.

Why I want to be part of the Creatives in Schools programme and how my involvement will link to my creative practice

I'm good at teaching, kids challenge and spark you.

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