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Creative ID: 195

Art form(s): Community arts, Crafts/objects, Visual arts
Language(s): English
Based in: Auckland
Where I'm available:
I would prefer to work with schools in my area (Auckland central and east), but will be available to all schools in Auckland.
When I'm available: I am available on weekdays during school hours (until 2pm as I need to tutor at 3pm).

My arts or creative practice (including details about my specific focus within that art form/practice and my strengths)

I grew up in an artistic family in South Africa. We were always busy with creative projects - ceramics, sculpture, painting, drawing, costumes for plays and parties and even restored furniture now and then. I completed a degree in Fine Arts and specialised in sculpture. Other subjects included painting, drawing, ceramics, printmaking and design. While studying, I was employed (part-time) at the local theatre assisting in set building and painting backdrops. I painted commissioned murals, taught first year students on a part-time basis, gave art lessons to school children and sold my handmade items at the local craft market. After studying, I owned a business (13 years) where I specialised in hand lettering, commercial art, illustration and design for clients in a variety of different market sectors. One of the most exciting projects I worked on was part of a three-year ‘Positive Message and Change Management’ campaign we did with a company in South Africa. Working with their internal marketing team, I used positive messages to create staff wellness and guided staff through difficult changes that was happening within the company. We witnessed phenomenal results and saw the difference our messages made when we compared it to departments without messages.

My track record of experience and success - or the track record of experience and success of the creative or artist that I will partner with

I have outlined my training, work experience and previously delivered school project involvement. Further details can be provided on request as there is too much to outline in more detail. My degree in Fine Arts was assessed by NZQA - Level 7 I can provide referral contact details on request. I would love to get involved with schools (guidance counselors and art departments) to start similar projects to make a difference in the lives of children. We immigrated to New Zealand in 2016 and although I have worked in an office over the last year, I have also been involved in creative projects here in Auckland. I was approached by a school to run an art fundraiser that won us third place in the Resene mural competition.

Describe the experience you have had working with children or young people, teaching or facilitating creative processes

I tutored school children in art and taught first year students on a part-time basis while completing my studies. I have always enjoyed teaching art and even taught contract staff during my time working as an artist. I love the innocent creativity in the art of children and to see how their lives are changed by being able to express themselves in a positive creative way. I am passionate about teaching children to use art as a way of making a difference in their mental health and wellness and also in their schools and wider communities. I love these quotes - 'If you want to change the world, make something beautiful' and 'It's not just about creativity. It's about the person you're becoming while you're creating' - Charlie Peacock.

Why I want to be part of the Creatives in Schools programme and how my involvement will link to my creative practice

Next year I will be tutoring art to children in the afternoons after school. I do art projects on a freelance basis, but have school mornings free where I would love to get more closely involved in any art projects with schools.

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