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Creative ID: 17

Art form(s): Digital arts, Film
Language(s): English
Based in: Bay of Plenty
Where I'm available:
Bay of Plenty
Rotorua, Tauranga, Whakatane, Taupo.
When I'm available: I am fairly flexible at the moment for 2020, a lot of my jobs come up on short notice and are fairly flexible around my existing schedule, so if I was to get involved in a project, I would block out that time and work the other jobs around those times.

My arts or creative practice (including details about my specific focus within that art form/practice and my strengths)

I am a trained Secondary School teacher with a focus on digital photography and videography. I have taught at a variety of schools in the past either as a relief teacher or tutor for tertiary schools both here in New Zealand as well as in the USA. You can find my work across social media. 

My track record of experience and success - or the track record of experience and success of the creative or artist that I will partner with

I have won an international award for my photography – a 2005 Mountain Photography Award. I have a teaching degree from the USA, have taught at both secondary and tertiary schools both here in New Zealand and in the USA, worked with national and international clients on a regular basis and have had my work published in numerous magazines and featured on a variety of websites.

Describe the experience you have had working with children or young people, teaching or facilitating creative processes

I am a father of a 5 and 7-year-old, I have been a relief teacher at various New Zealand secondary schools, I have taught at a couple of different tertiary institutions. I have also been a sports coach for a variety of different age groups. I have worked with kids from five years old through to adult learners and am experienced working with people of all different cultures and ethnic groups.

Why I want to be part of the Creatives in Schools programme and how my involvement will link to my creative practice

I love teaching and I have found that a lot of local schools struggle to maintain a photography and/or film class for kids interested in this kind of work. Also have found that a lot of the teachers who do teach photography in the schools are not up to date with the current industry so the kids who are interested in it, are not learning about what is happening in the industry. 

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