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Counting the Beat: Analysing Aotearoa Pop Songs, for Music Studies Level 2

How can New Zealand pop songs be analysed in the classroom? Music teacher and composer Mathew Hoyes discusses an approach, and has created 10 examples to assist in getting started.

In 2020, the Lilburn Trust was pleased to be able to support Hoyes with a Lilburn Research Award for this idea, and we are thrilled to be able to present it.

Hoyes says, "I’ve been a music teacher in Aotearoa New Zealand for about 10 years now, and have always enjoyed the Investigate an Aspect of New Zealand Music standard with my Year 12s. They show their passion for “their” music, while learning valuable research skills. And it works really nicely with New Zealand Music Month celebrations in May and getting some credits on the board early in the year, especially for the ones who have just started an instrument the year before and might not be ready for Level 2 solos!"

Find the full article here.:

Written by: Renee Jones

Date Submitted: 05 Mar 2022

Levels: NCEA Level 2

Disciplines: Music - Sound Arts

Download this file: Counting the Beat_Analysing Aotearoa Pop Songs.docx (36.94 kB)

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