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Lesson Two: Using a Mac and Importing Music

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Specific Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will cooperatively learn to use a Mac computer to import, save and file music (PK)

Learning Goals:

  1. Understand basic Mac operating system
  2. Import a CD onto the computer through itunes
  3. Make a folder
  4. Work cooperatively
  5. Have fun!

Set up:
Macs, data projector, students' CDs.

Words 4 Today:
Hard Drive, dock, itunes, desktop, icon (These are words that the students will come across during the lesson. Put them into PowerPoint or on the whiteboard)

Introduction / Discussion
  • Review last lesson - discuss how you might implement some of their desires and requests into your music programme
  • Get students to share the CD they brought in and explain why it is their favourite.
  • Bring to the students' attention the "Words 4 today" - ask them what they think each word means, providing them with the correct definition at the end of the discussion.
  • Give an overview of the lesson and go over the learning goals.

(Teacher demonstrates, students to watch the data screen and then follow specific instructions)

  • familiarise the students with Apple operating system (if needed)
  • start up
  • toolbar / dock
  • word processor
  • files, folders and saving
  • itunes (mp3 preferences)
  • shut down
  • playing CDs. Get the students to play their CD through the computer. Use headphones (where possible) and make sure they know where the volume button is.
  • importing a CD. Using itunes teach the students to import their song/album, place it in a folder and label it
  • play. Let the students again have a period of 5-10 minutes to choose what they do (many will chose to listen to their own music or others).
Conclusion - formative assessment activities
  • Review the "Words 4 today". Monitor student responses
  • Get the students to say one thing they enjoyed doing during the lesson and add to their learning journals.
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