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Kia ora - welcome to Arts Online

Arts Online is the key communication network and quality resource portal for New Zealand arts education.

There are three main sections to the site - teaching and learning resources, planning tools to support curriculum development and email-based communities of practice for each of the arts disciplines.

The site also offers digistories, case studies, monthly newsletters and an option to share your local news events. All feedback is most welcome.

Okareka Dance Company artistic directors Taiaroa Royal and Taane Mete talk about thei

The Drum Revolve in Action in the Olivier Theatre
The Olivier Theatre’s Drum Revolve Stage in action: “Many theatres make use of simple revolves; they're like giant turntables which sit on top of the stage and enable sets and actors to rotate. But the giant Drum Revolve in the National's Olivier Theatre dwarfs them all-   it is five storeys high, containing several elevators and enabling exciting effects like towers or boats rising out of the stage or objects suddenly disappearing from view.

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