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Lesson Four: Creating Music in Garageband

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Specific Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will select musical ideas, structure and arrange their own short piece, experimenting with changes in the musical elements and effects (PK, DI).

Learning Goals:

  1. Develop dynamics and colour in composition ('less is more' concept)
  2. Compose a 16 bar arrangement using drums, effects a hook and ostinato
  3. Experiment with different effects.

Set up:
Computers, data projectors, amplifier, microphones

Words 4 Today:
Composition, dynamics, structure, hook, ostinato, effects

Group time
  • Review last lesson including "Words 4 Today"M
  • Words 4 Today and learning goals (on PowerPoint)
  • Discuss dynamics, hook and ostinato in more detail
    • use "I just wanna live" (Good Charlotte) to explain hook
    • use "Motivation Proclamation" (Good Charlotte) to describe building a song
    • use "Lose Yourself" (Emenem) to explain ostinato
    • use a Garageband piece of your own to show how dynamics and colour look on a screen
  • Model the use of dynamics in a 4 bar loop - create a short musical piece with the students using an ostinato and a hook
    • the students can pick the sounds and tell you where to place instruments to create dynamics and colour
Activity - self and peer assessed based on agreed success criteria
  • Students make a 16 bar composition using a hook, ostinato, drums and effects
  • Use the time to listen to loops and play with effects (let them experiment with finding and learning what effects are).
  • Listen to each other's compositions - identifying the hook, ostinato and effects
  • Save composition to their folder along with their 4 bar arrangement and pdf of their voice.
Conclusion - formative assessment activity
  • Review the "Words 4 today" and monitor student responses.
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