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Hop on the Bus

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Writer: Julie Cadzow. 

Years 2-4 Level 2 Duration 6 lessons

The 'Walking School Bus' becomes a Dancing School Bus! This unit could be used to support a Road Safety study. Road rules are identified and discussed and the 'Walking School Bus' scheme is introduced. (The 'Walking School Bus' scheme is a new initiative that encourages children to walk to school under supervised care.) The student uses selected road rules and locomotor movement in a variety of dance activities and, in groups, create their own 'Hop On the Bus' dances.

Key Competency

Relating to Others Students will interact with their peers in a variety of contexts. The Dance activities offer challenges that require the students to share ideas, listen to different points of view and negotiate. The final dance is a collaborative group activity.

Achievement Objectives

Developing Practical Knowledge in Dance (PK): Level 2 Explore and identify through movement the dance elements of body, space, time, energy and relationships

Developing Ideas in Dance (DI): Level 2 Use the elements of dance in purposeful ways to respond to a variety of stimuli

Communicating and Interpreting in Dance (CI): Level 2 Share dance movement through informal presentation and identify the use of the elements of dance

Specific Learning Outcomes

The student will:

  • Learn selected Road Rules
  • Perform locomotor movements on different levels and with different body bases (PK)
  • Use the Dance element of Energy to vary locomotor movement (PK)
  • Move in formation with others (PK)
  • Perform a variety of different turning movements (PK)
  • Create a variety of shapes alone and with others (DI)
  • Compose a short dance with others about a school bus (DI)
  • Compose a short dance using a road rule (DI)
  • Perform a short dance for the class (CI)
  • Reflect on their own and other's dances (CI)
Suggested Learning Sequence
Assessing the Learning
Printing this unit

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