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Printmaking – Makarewa School, Invercargill

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Makarewa School on the outskirts of Invercargill is one of the oldest schools in the district. The same families have been attending the school for 125 years, from great grandmothers to great grandsons and granddaughters. Presently there are 5.8 teachers and 132 students ranging from new entrants to year 6.

Makarewa School creates opportunities to involve its parent community in the celebration of student learning especially at end-of-term events.

This case study focuses on a printmaking unit the year 6 class worked on in preparation for a school-wide visual arts exhibition being held in the last week of term 3, 2004.

Makarewa School


One of the main features of The Arts Online professional development programme was the effective use of the arts resources that were sent out to schools by the Ministry of Education.

This case study investigates how a focus on the arts resources enabled the teachers at Makarewa School to plan and implement their visual arts programme.

As a result of using the resources and working collaboratively with The Arts Online Primary Schools Facilitator, Carol Langton, the teachers at Makarewa School began to develop:

  • a more defined vision for the arts
  • a better understanding of levels and assessment processes
  • long-term planning
  • use of the exemplars
  • improved coverage of the four strands
  • improved teaching and learning strategies.
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