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One Teacher's Journey – Hamilton East Primary School

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Description This case study focuses on the personal and professional journey of one teacher as she embarks on implementing drama into her classroom, as a direct result of participating in the Waikato Arts Curriculum Contract.

Teacher and school Linda Woolhouse is a year 3/4 teacher at Hamilton East Primary School. Before participating in the Waikato Arts Curriculum Contract, Linda described herself as "a competent visual artist with little knowledge of any other arts area".

Purpose and outcomes"Drama is about making significant meaning." Dorothy Heathcote

The drama component within the Waikato professional development model was conceived to lead generalist teachers progressively out of their comfort zones. As a result of an initial contract survey, it was revealed that most teachers had very little knowledge of drama in an educational context and had not experienced pre-service training within the discipline. In order to meet regional needs, the learning programme had to be non-threatening and of an extremely basic nature initially. As the purpose of the professional development was to serve generalist teachers, it was set up to provide effective pathways to integration with other curriculum areas.

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