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Two–Day Arts Intensive – King Country School Cluster

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How six King Country contributing primary schools (Kirihau, Mapiu, Matiere, Ohura, Otunai, and Tokirima) initiated and planned for an arts intensive programme. Participating teachers and community members combined their strengths and shared their skills in the arts disciplines to provide new learning for the students. The participants help each other with content and approaches to teaching.

Schools and teachers
  • Between 11 and 38 students in each school.
  • Involved years 0 to 8 students with only one or two working at any one level.
  • Mainly with one–teacher schools enrolled.
  • Many children live on large stations and travel 20k or more to school.
  • Four 1 1/2 hour long workshops per day over two days.
  • Up to 15 workshops for students to choose from.
  • Each session held in a separate room with up to 10 children in each workshop.
  • Parent and community member support and involvement.
Purpose and outcomes

The purpose was to:

  • use the arts as a starting point for an ongoing process and dynamic dialogue between staff and students;
  • identify each student's level of understanding in the arts and facilitate their further development;
  • upskill teachers in the arts disciplines that they were unfamiliar with and to help them implement the arts curriculum.
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