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Three Day Arts Festival – Devon Intermediate

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During the first five weeks of term 3 Devon Intermediate School integrated dance, drama, music, and visual arts into their daily programmes. This led into a 3-day arts festival, which acted as an alternative model to the traditional school production, with all classroom programmes focused on the new arts curriculum. The entire programme was embraced by the whole school and provided new teaching and learning opportunities.

School and teachers
  • Devon Intermediate is a decile 5 school with a roll of 580 students situated in New Plymouth.
  • The school appointed a fixed term performing arts specialist to teach dance, drama, and music throughout 2001.
Purpose and outcomes

The purpose was to:

  • hold an arts festival as an extension of classroom practice and to promote and implement the new curriculum statement, The Arts in the New Zealand Curriculum;
  • educate the staff about the new arts curriculum;
  • provide students with opportunities to learn the language of the different disciplines and focus on the processes involved in performance;
  • involve all the students in developing skills and processes integral to the creative process.
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