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Establishing a School of Arts at Tauranga Boys' College

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Tauranga Boys' College had a school roll of approximately 1600 in 2004. It is a large single-sex school in the centre of the Tauranga metropolitan area and is regarded highly on many counts, notably for its prowess in The Arts. So what inspired Tauranga Boys' College staff, students, school management and community to set their sights on a large-scale development of facilities and structural reorganisation to create their own School of Arts?

"It was due to the arts coordinator project which brought arts teachers together. The synergy that occurred inspired us to bring teaching and learning in the school closer together, to create more attractive, interesting, and worthwhile pathways for teachers and students. With the principal's encouragement the arts faculties developed a strategic plan. That's how it all began." Grant Thompson Director, School of Arts, Tauranga Boys' College

Merryn Dunmill,visited Tauranga Boys' College in October 2004 as part of the ongoing work the school was engaged in during their participation in The Arts Online professional development programme. This case study formed the basis for that visit and it investigates the shift at Tauranga Boys' College from single arts departments to the School of Arts. This newly established School of Arts has strong community support and involvement. Rich and varied learning opportunities are available with the introduction of collaborative arts programmes and the provision of new buildings and resources. This case study gives other schools undergoing similar reviews some ideas to consider.

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