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Acting Masterclass

This workshop is best suited to Senior Drama students. Students will learn professional acting techniques to help expand and inspire them in their performance. Over the lessons they will create their own "toolbox" of skills and techniques they can use in Drama. Please note this workshop would work best in lessons running over a few weeks rather than just one lesson. Some of the topics that are covered are voice, script analysis, ways to approach a character and approach the text, Laban and Acting Methodology in particular the Stanislavski Technique. I can tailor this workshop to suit your specific requirements. Students will experience acting at a professional level and have a greater understanding of how and what techniques a professional actor may use to approach a role. This workshop would work well as an inspirational lead into Scholarship Drama for students with a focus on Stanislavski, Brecht and/or Artaud.

Artist Information

Nicole Jorgensen / Imaginaire Entertainment

Website: http://www.imaginaire.co.nz

Phone: +64275897474 or (09) 962 4257

Email: info@imaginaire.co.nz


Professional Actor and Children's Entertainer

BPSA Unitec - Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts, majoring in Acting.

Director of Imaginaire Entertainment, children's entertainment company.

Founding member of The Outfit Theatre Company.

Work in Schools:

2009- Artist in Residence- Pakuranga College

2009- Drama Tutor, Scholarship to Special Needs- Pakuranga College

Arts Coordinator- Pakuranga College

Programme Information

Arts Practice Medium: Drama

Topics or Genres of Expertise: Professional Acting Techniques including Stanislavski Technique, Use of Voice, Script Analysis, Approaching a Character

Languages Spoken: English

Target Age Group: Senior Secondary

Preferred Group Size: Small (1-8)

Regions: Auckland

Space and Resources Required: Large Classroom with no Desks

Indicative Costs:

  • $80.00 per hour
  • Travel: Travel charge may apply
  • Materials: $1.00 per student

Mode of Delivery: Workshop

Cultural Context: European, European, Asian, Pasifika, Maori


Student Comments: I feel this masterclass has been very beneficial. I really appreciated working with the group of professional actors and I enjoyed expressing myself through the new drama techniques we learnt. The skills I have learnt will help me in Drama by giving me more confidence in the motivation behind my actions, movement, voice and use of space. I feel my acting has improved because I am now more confident in what I do and now I can only improve further. ~ Year 12 Drama Student. -------- I really enjoyed working with “actual” actors, as most of the time my only interaction with them is in the theatre, being able to work with them meant I was able to comprehend their thought patterns and how they overcome problems. ~ Year 13 Drama Student. -------- I really enjoyed talking about Stanislavski and how his use of theatre processes could be used to create characters and situation. ~Year 13 Drama Student. -------- This has definitely improved my acting skills, helping me with improvisation, getting into and staying in character and understanding the script. ~Year 12 Drama Student. -------- I enjoyed everything and I have learnt so much useful stuff! It was refreshing for us to get a different teaching perspective for a change. It was so different to anything we have done before because we don’t often get to do something somewhat unrelated to our assessments. ~Year 13 Drama Student. --------

Programme Materials Provided for Schools: Yes

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