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Devised Theatre

Create an original performance using a Story, Image, Object, Proverb, Poem, etc. as the Point of Departure

Artist Information

Bert van Dijk

Website: http://www.devised-theatre.com

Phone: 09 445 2596 or 021 1857956

Email: bertvdijk08@gmail.com


Devised Theatre, Intercultural Performance, Culturally Responsive Pedagogy through the Arts, world song, puppetry, mask work, voice training, professional development teachers, performance project management, movement & choreography, improvisation.

Actor, dancer, singer, directors, educator, animator.

Working with the entire school community using the arts. Coaching teachers to devise and direct their own school programmes and performances. Leadership skills through theatre.

PhD in Theatre
MA in Pedagogy/Andragogy
Dip Drama
Dip Mime

I speak 5 languages including level 2 Maori

Programme Information

Arts Practice Medium: Cross Arts, Drama, Dance

Topics or Genres of Expertise: Devising, improvising, choreography, composition, mask, puppetry, song, site-specific performance

Languages Spoken: English, Dutch, French, German, Maori, BSL

Target Age Group: Middle Primary, Senior Primary, Junior Secondary, Senior Secondary

Preferred Group Size: Large (20+)

Regions: Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Canterbury, East Coast, Hawke's Bay, Manawatu, Marlborough, Nelson, Northland, Otago, Southland, Taranaki, Waikato, Wairarapa, Wellington, West Coast, National

Space and Resources Required: Materials, Space, oil pastels + paper, CD player, bamboo sticks, material, wigs, Instruments

Indicative Costs:


Mode of Delivery: Presentation, Performance, Workshop, 1 week workshop leading to presentation/performance

Cultural Context: European, European, Asian, Pasifika, Maori


Fiona Clark at fionaclark@clear.net.nz Douglas Robinson at dougjoanne@xtra.co.nz

Programme Materials Provided for Schools: Yes

Photos of Relevant Work by This Artist

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