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Heartbeat School Radio

HEARTBEAT School Radio projects are all enabling radio and podcast amateurs to produce and publish meaningful audio content using microphones and easy to use free audio editing software. The educational focus is on the process of producing radio and podcast features. YOURMICONLINE ARTS4SCHOOLS has delivered podcasting projects, competitions and events all over the world including Russia, Greece, Senegal, Kenya, Belgium, Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Germany.

Artist Information

Arts 4 Schools | Werner Nowitzki


Phone: +64 4 889 0081 or +64 22 3415 849

Email: info@arts4schools.kiwi.nz


initiating and implementing community radio projects in NZ and overseas,
delivering Heartbeat school radio projects in the Wellington area,
trained school teacher, previously acting principal (in Germany),
producing Heartbeat program on Wellington Access Radio (Thursdays, 4pm-4.58pm, commencing Nov 7, 2013)

Programme Information

Arts Practice Medium: Cross Arts, Music

Topics or Genres of Expertise: Radio and podcast production and broadcasting

Languages Spoken: English, German

Target Age Group: Junior Primary, Middle Primary, Senior Primary, Junior Secondary, Senior Secondary

Preferred Group Size: Medium (9-20)

Regions: Wellington, National

Space and Resources Required: Any required equipment other than laptop computers will be provided by Arts 4 Schools.

Indicative Costs:

$ 400 per school day

Mode of Delivery: Broadcasting, Presentation, Workshop

Cultural Context: European, European, Asian, Pasifika, Maori


coming soon

Programme Materials Provided for Schools: Yes

Photos of Relevant Work by This Artist

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