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Reviewed resources


Visual Arts

A Culturally Responsive Pedagogy of Relations

Russell Bishop ED Talk: the “education debt” 10 min talk.

ANZAC art ideas 1

An activity centered around Georgia O’Keffe and scale/proportion from Weiner Elementary - features a really great range of visual images and videos.

ANZAC art ideas 2

Drawing poppies in perspective from Smart teacher with links to the Wizard of OZ poppy scene and exemplars of student work.

Art Heroes

A couple of wonderfully animated short videos on art elements and design principles on this Youtube channel.

Elements of Art

Fabulous resource from the J.Paul Getty Museum with resource sheets to introduce each element.

Exploring photographs

A Getty Museum resource starting with Migrant Mother by Dorothea Lange and writing an artist statement about an image of your own.


GraphicsDEN will teach you how to use a computer graphics program to create unique digital art. Each lesson takes you from start to finish of a digital project. You can follow our step-by-step instructions to complete a similar project. Or you can create your own project.

Haring Kids: Online Resources and Colouring Book

This website is affiliated with the Keith Haring Foundation and is a collection of  lesson ideas and resources from education departments at Museums that have hosted Keith Haring exhibitions and other contributors.


Great lesson from MoMa with resource portraits, written activities and art-making

Jane Zhang - Dust My Shoulders Off

a music video which is a playful mix of Art Historical and contemporary pop culture references.

Kotahitanga: The Maori Word for Oneness

2 min video explaining the semantics behind the word.

Line of Action

drawing site that presents assorted images for a predetermined time for students to learn to sketch rapidly from.

Masters of Photography

This site includes samples of work by photography's leading masters. Brief summaries of their work enables searching by subject or genre. There are also good links to relevant sites articles and resources. A FAQ section provides helpful information on copyright and how images from the site might be used.

Memorials: Art for remembering

Lessons from the Smithsonion - good for reflecting on ANZAC commemorations.

Menlo Park’s Art Studio

Great blog for primary/elementary links - great visual self- assessment ‘rubrics’ and plenty of video links to foundation knowledge required at Grades 1-5.

MoMA Learning

Whether you’re are a teacher, student, or lifelong learner, MoMA Learning is your destination for tools and strategies for engaging with modern and contemporary art.

NZ History of Photography Timeline

This timeline from 1841 - 2010 gives details of the development of photography in New Zealand while also making reference to international events within photography.

Pigments Through the Ages

This site covers exhibits relating to the art of painting and includes information about the most important pigments used through time.

Pinterest community

A useful resource following Art teachers and with specific Artsonline Boards for both Primary and Secondary teaching.

Symmetry and Pattern: The Art of Oriental Carpets

This site is organized by the textile Museum of Baltimore. It includes clear descriptions of the mathematical aspects of patterns based on oriental rug patterns. Includes grid border pattern all over (field) pattern symmetry and asymmetry. Teacher information is prepared by the Maryland Institute College of Art.

The Art Story

The Art Story site is a guide to modern art and explores modern art movements artists theory and the progression of art.

The National Gallery of Art Washington

Teachers can search on-line records on all of the more than 110000 objects and images of more than 6000 objects in the collection. Search the entire collection by specific artist title or a combination of criteria. Under NGA Classroom there’s a set of featured lessons that includes one on Art since 1950; very useful for Modern American Art at Level 3. You can access lessons and resources by curriculum topic or artist. There is also an on-line tour section which enables the user to tour the collection or take one of wide-ranging in-depth study tours.

Visual Arts Learning Progression and Assessment Methods (Word 283KB) (222.50 kB)

This resource kit accompanies the paper "Developing A Progression of Student Learning for the Visual Arts".

Web Gallery of Art

The Web Gallery of Art is a virtual museum and searchable database of European painting and sculpture of the Gothic Renaissance and Baroque periods (1100-1850). It is easy to use and allows you to search for information on individual artists and their contexts. The available images are extensive and information is reputable. The Tours section is particularly good for Level 3 Renaissance courses.

Web Museum

Virtual museum offering access to art masterpieces. Site includes both an artist index and a thematic index. Clearly organised with good quality images. Glossary section useful for handouts and power-point presentations.


Arts Queensland

Arts Queensland involves students in five arts disciplines: Dance Drama Media Music and Visual Arts. This site contains information on Arts Curriculum Support Policies and Procedures Arts Programmes and Arts Resources.

Creative Waikato

Creative Waikato supports the development of the creative arts in the Waikato for the benefit of the greater community. We can help with information, advice, support and funding for your arts or cultural project. The Waikato has a thriving and distinctive creative sector and our communities treasure its essential contribution to our lives. Our purpose is to strengthen, develop and invigorate the creative sector in the Waikato for the benefit of all.

Education and Disability Resource Center

Use this British education site as a reference tool for various issues in education that affect the entire community- Including Job Tips Neurological Developmental & Learning Disabilties Salary Statistics SATs Classroom Management Home Schooling Lesson Plans Bullying ADD Student Loans and Articles in Education.

Educators Reference Desk Lesson Plans - Arts

The Educators Reference Desk Lesson Plan Collection contains more than 1000 unique lesson plans which have been written and submitted to AskERIC by teachers from all over the United States. This page is focused on the Arts.

Exploring Te Ao Kori

Te Ao Kori (the world of movement) is a Māori celebration of life through movement and its many expressions. This resource describes learning experiences derived from customary Māori cultural practices and integrates the arts with health and physical education.

Figure Drawing Lab

A useful and comprehensive guide to drawing the human figure from the University of Evansville Indianna.


Register to find information about past and upcoming arts virtual field trips. Registration and enrolment in all trips is free for New Zealand registered teachers teaching in New Zealand schools.

Manaakitanga - Senior Secondary Teaching and Learning Guides for the Arts

Examples of manaakitanga in arts classrooms. Mannaakitanga is about values of integrity trust sincerity and equity. Through manaakitanga the teacher and fellow students recognise and affirm the identity of each student in open and trusting relationships.

New Zealand Curriculum Resource Bank

This tool organises resources and information that support professional learning and leadership as schools implement The New Zealand Curriculum. There is a selection of resources for The Arts in this database.

Secondary Education Portal

Information resources and guidance to support secondary teaching and learning.

Success for Boys

This New Zealand Ministry of Education website is intended to help teachers build on existing practice to create opportunities for all boys to succeed.

Tangata whenuatanga - Senior Secondary Teaching and Learning Guides for the Arts

Tangata whenuatanga represents place-based socio-cultural awareness and knowledge of the whenua or land we come from.

Theatrical Resources: Music Theatre International

This site provides resources to go with many of the most well-known shows like Fame Annie and Fiddler on the Roof. The study guides explore issues that are pertinent to the era and themes of the shows. A great resource for teachers who want to use the school show as an assessment tool.

Tino rangatiratanga - Senior Secondary Teaching and Learning Guides for the Arts

Examples of tino rangatiratanga in arts classrooms. Tino rangatiratanga is the principle of relative autonomy – the goal is to gain relative control over one's own life and cultural well-being.

Unravelling the Mystery of Avant-Garde Art

Whanaungatanga - Senior Secondary Teaching and Learning Guides for the Arts

Examples of whanaungatanga in arts classrooms. Whanaungatanga involves relationships (between students school-wide and with the community) based on high expectations.

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