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Professional readings


Visual Arts

Ako - Senior Secondary Teaching and Learning Guides for the Arts

Examples of ako in arts classrooms. Ako involves reciprocal shared learning in the classroom and beyond.

Art Rooms: Sites of Empowerment and Success

A study in 70 low decile schools of year 11 visual arts classrooms that shows how teachers' relationships pedagogies and philosophies relate to maximising academic and social learning in their classrooms. New Zealand Journal of Teachers' Work Volume 1 Issue 1 16-22 2004 Sue Sutherland Auckland College of Education.

Art Teachers and the Creative Revolution

In this one hour webcast with Cindy Foley she addresses STEM - strategies to engage minds,  how we question over answer, ambiguity, idea generation, metacognitive realisation, being a ‘curiosity breeder’ and making thinking visible?

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Elwyn Richardson and the early world of creative education in New Zealand

Essential Steps to Turn Art One Students into Artists


A video example of how a project in school can also impact on the community.

How Learning to Draw Has Taught Me How to Live

Brent Eviston discusses his love of drawing and the role of learning through mistakes.

How to look at a painting

'How to look at a painting' is a book by J. Paton (2005) published by Awa Press Wellington. This accomplished lecturer curator and reviewer brings to art gallery and artist studio experiences fresh insights and delight in accessible language. ISBN: 9780958253888

In the Early World by Elwyn Richardson - Video

Interdisciplinary Research Lab

Culture Lab - Newcastle is a flagship for Newcastle University's interdisciplinary research and focus for a dynamic hub of networks that engage artists researchers and scientists in contexts ranging from intra-university to international.

Manaakitanga - Senior Secondary Teaching and Learning Guides for the Arts

Examples of manaakitanga in arts classrooms. Mannaakitanga is about values of integrity trust sincerity and equity. Through manaakitanga the teacher and fellow students recognise and affirm the identity of each student in open and trusting relationships.

National Gallery of Art Online

This site provides an interactive approach to understanding elements and principles. Choose a tour by school of art or medium and explore the National Gallery's collections of painting sculpture works on paper photographs and decorative arts.

Oil Painting

This page from Note Access considers methods materials and techniques pigments handbook and professional essays on oil painting.

On Wonder

Sean Foley at the CMA Creativity Summit 2016 This one and a half hour lecture is great PD for Art teachers.

Otis report on the creative economy 2014

Peter Bazalgette - Arts, Culture and Empathy

Article ‘empathetic citizens’; the links science is making between brain processes, the arts and developing empathy

Peter Bazalgette - The empathy instinct

Video (33 mins) related to his book ‘The Empathy Instinct’ (creating a more civil society)

Pigments in Paintings – How artists have coloured our lives

Visit this website to explore the fascinating history of colour in paintings. Learn about the symbolism of colour in art and read all about pigments from the earthy days of cave painting to the synthetics of modern-day art.

Pigments Through the Ages

This site covers exhibits relating to the art of painting and includes information about the most important pigments used through time.

Recognising the Child Gifted and Talented in Visual Arts

In an effort to clarify what "high performance" means when speaking of children with outstanding talent in the visual arts this web page presents the findings of research by Mary Codd on the behavioural traits and characteristics of visually gifted children's artwork and on the artistic perceptual/cognitive processes of talented students in all of the arts.

RSA Evidence Champions

The RSA is working with Arts Council Bridge Organisations to champion the role of evidence and evaluation in improving the quality and impact of arts and cultural education.

Sketchbooks in Schools 2009

Sketchbooks in Schools explored how we can encourage and enable the sustained use of sketchbooks in primary schools to improve creative thought and action across the whole school. The Sketchbooks in Schools Evaluation Report explores key project outcomes and outlines future development of the project. It is available for download free of charge.

Success for Boys

This New Zealand Ministry of Education website is intended to help teachers build on existing practice to create opportunities for all boys to succeed.

Take a Peek Inside The Mind of a Middle Schooler

students are experiencing the greatest brain growth of their lifetime while they’re in our classrooms” a fantastic article with links to useful resources.

Teaching and Learning Strategies for the Student-Centred Art Room (PDF 551KB)

This article focuses on Teaching and Learning strategies for the student-centred art room - a choice-based approach. The article as seen in the array of images is based on the primary (American) setting but it is relevant for both primary and secondary contexts in New Zealand schools.

Teaching for Creativity: Two Dozen Tips

The Adaptable Mind

The adaptable mind is a great short video on 21st century skills for life.

The Decline of Play and Rise in Children's Mental Disorders

The Flip: End of a Love Affair

Flipped classrooms article

The HeART of the Matter

It looks at major changes in New Zealand teaching which began after World War ll.

The Lament Project

The Centre for Integrated Media at the California Institute of the Arts announces the release of its new online sound/art collaboration called ‘The Lament Project' as part of the 2008 release of Viralnet.net the Centre's online journal and project space.

The song of the bird

Elwyn Richardson and others discuss Oruaiti 14mins.

The suprising habits of original thinkers

A TED talk where“Psychologist Adam Grant studies "originals": thinkers who dream up new ideas and take action to put them into the world”.

The Visual Arts in Canada: A Synthesis and Critical Analysis of Recent Research

This study is the first comprehensive assessment of the state of research knowledge of the visual arts in Canada cataloguing over 550 Canadian studies and a further 315 studies done abroad.

Tikanga Examples

 Resource kit for student teachers but useful for all.

Tikanga Maori Values

Tikanga and Maori values incorporated into physical education.

Tsang Tsou Choi - A vision from the Margins

A Vision from the Margins. Asian Art News. Vol 13 No. 2. March April 2003 (pp 4849). A marginalised Hong Kong resident Choi uses traditional calligraphy in a non traditional way. He seeks to make his mark on his community and not to make art works. His work is mostly meaningless but randomly includes names of his ancestors. With this abstraction of meaningful language he sidesteps for Westeners the dilemma of not being able to read a work and makes therefore the examination of formal qualities more accessible.

Tātaiako: Cultural Competencies for Teachers of Māori Learners

Tātaiako: Cultural Competencies for Teachers of Māori Learners is a new resource explaining the progression of the competencies teachers need to develop so they can help Māori learners achieve educationally as Māori. Tātaiako has been developed to help all educators think about what it takes to successfully teach Māori learners. It provides a guide to the development of cultural competence for teachers themselves for their employers and for Initial Teacher Education providers and providers of on-going teacher professional development.

Visual Arts Learning Progression and Assessment Methods (Word 283KB) (222.50 kB)

This resource kit accompanies the paper "Developing A Progression of Student Learning for the Visual Arts".

Visual Thinking Improves Writing

Encouraging writing through 'life journals' comic strips and drawing. 

Weaving with New Zealand Flax

Ali Brown's site encompasses tutoring in the selection preparation dyeing and creative use of flax to make kete and other products. She also offers workshops reviews of publications and links to support further learning.

Why drawing needs to be a curriculum essential

Why is teaching kids to draw not a more important part of the curriculum?

Why Med Schools are Requiring Art Classes

An article about the relationship between the arts, clinical observation and maintaining empathy in the medical profession. 

Working With Clay and Using Glazes

For detailed and image-filled discussion from recognized ceramic artist Brian Gartside on various aspects of ceramics. The information is informally presented quite technical and detailed but highly practical and applicable. The information comes from articles Brian wrote for the "New Zealand Potter" magazine that describe easy and low-tech methods for glazing and clay formulation.

Yantra for Mahana (PDF 391KB) (390.22 kB)

Yantra for Mahana 2006 by Marte Szirmay is a massive iron sculpture erected at the entrance of the Woollaston Estates art landscape in Nelson late in 2006. This downloadable pdf includes an explanatory artist’s statement and a range of photos detailing the work’s erection and various views of the sculpture in situ (kindly provided by courtesy of the artist).


Are you a Visual thinker?

Changing Assessment : How four simple words can solve education’s biggest problem

A TED talk by Mark Barnes discussing approaches to assessment and how to include the student voice in a ‘beautiful conversation’. 

Creatives New Zealand

Creative New Zealand have recently published their findings after a three-year study looking at our attendance, attitudes and participation in the Arts. This three-yearly research began in 2005 and was repeated in 2008, 2011 and 2014. It delivers on-going information to the arts sector about New Zealanders’ level of involvement in, and attitudes towards, the arts.

Do you have a wandering mind?

How Colour Blindness Might Affect an Art Student

Teacher Toolkit - 5 Minute Wellbeing Plan

Devised for 'guilty teachers' to manage work/life balance. 

Teacher Toolkit - 5 Miunute Workload Plan

Visual Thinking Improves Writing

Encouraging writing through 'life journals' comic strips and drawing. 

Why do we keep creative people out of leadership roles?

Creatives as leaders - short article by David Burkus.

Why Med Schools are Requiring Art Classes

An article about the relationship between the arts, clinical observation and maintaining empathy in the medical profession. 

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