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Subject associations


Music – Sound Arts



The CWSMTA (Canterbury-Westland Secondary Music Teachers' Association) is a network of music educators in the Canterbury-Westland region of New Zealand with a focus on secondary education. Members include classroom teachers itinerant instrument teachers tertiary educators music advisers and music and arts co-ordinators. CWSMTA provides professional development a forum to discuss issues liaison with ITMs a support network regular newsletters email communications a political voice resource support contact with tertiary providers and social opportunities. Meetings are held twice a term usually on the fourth Wednesday of the month usually at a school in Christchurch.

Institute of Registered Music Teachers of New Zealand

The Institute of Registered Music Teachers of New Zealand is a body that was constituted under the Music Teachers Act 1981. It is the professional organisation for private and studio music teachers.

International Society for Music Education

ISME is a worldwide service platform for music educators who want their profession to be taken seriously by educators in other disciplines by politicians and policy makers and by international organisations that promote culture education conservation and durable development of cultural heritage. ISME is affiliated to MENZA - Music Education NZ Aotearoa.

Kodály Music Education Institute of Australia - KMEIA

KMEIA is one of the largest and most active professional associations for music educators. Through supporting and resourcing Australian music teachers KMEIA upholds the highest standards of music education.

MENZA- Music Education NZ Aotearoa

MENZA is the music subject association for New Zealand. It serves the interests of music education in New Zealand for every person at every level.

Music Therapy New Zealand

This site provides information on Music Therapy in New Zealand. 'Music therapy is the planned use of music to assist the healing and personal growth of people with identified emotional intellectual physical or social needs'. You can register online to join this association and be updated on developments in this rapidly growing area of music education.

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