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Reviewed resources


Music – Sound Arts


A large library of free sheet music, riffs, lessons, and tools. There is a midi converter, tab converter, groove generator, drum riffs, metronome, music theory, tests and games, music glossary, biographies, image gallery, and musical jokes.

Ableton Live – Digital Audio Workstation

Live is a fast, fluid and flexible software for music creation and performance. It comes with effects, instruments, sounds and all kinds of creative features-everything you need to make any kind of music.

Create in a traditional linear arrangement, or improvise without the constraints of a timeline in Live’s Session View. Move freely between musical elements and play with ideas, without stopping the music and without breaking your flow.

Acid Pro 7

Sony ACID Pro 7 software is a DAW powerhouse that combines multitrack recording and mixing, MIDI sequencing, and legendary loop manipulation for seamless music creation and post production. Includes over 3,000 loops and 1,000 MIDI files for music creation, as well as bundled software and effects from Garritan, iZotope, Native Instruments, and Submersible Music.

ACID XPress - Music freeware

Download and install ACID Xpress, then get loops from Loops and Samples or from ACIDplanet.com to create your own music. Easy to use at any age and any level of experience.

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition provides a multi-track recording studio for producing audio effects of a professional standard. Students can record their own music, voice, or other audio; edit it; and mix it with other audio or musical parts. Audio and video can also be integrated using Adobe video applications.


Amplifier.co.nz is the home of New Zealand music. The site provides information about NZ music, and New Zealand music news. You can listen to kiwi musicians, watch NZ music videos, and purchase CDs and legal MP3 music downloads by kiwi artists. Amplifier is the longest running legal music download site in New Zealand.

Ars Nova Music Education and Composition Software

Ars Nova hosts links to music education and composition software such as Practica Musica, Counterpointer, and Songworks II. Software, manuals, demonstrations and sharing of ideas online are useful additions on this site.


Audacity is a free audio editor. You can record sounds, play sounds, import and export WAV, AIFF, Ogg Vorbis, and MP3 files, and more. There is a 'How-to' Word document relating to editing audio with Audacity on the Ferl website at: Workshop: Editing audio with Audacity http://ferl.becta.org.uk/display.cfm?resID=3D16394

AudioCulture - the noisy library of New Zealand music

AudioCulture is a cultural asset that tells the stories of New Zealand music using voices, sounds and images. Site users can read about the people, labels, and the kiwi music scene, listen to music, watch music videos, view images, and browse discographies. Music lovers can also search AudioCulture content and share it with their social media friends.


A comprehensive, engaging and easy to use ear training program. With 41 topics, the aural training exercises are perfect for everyone, from beginners to advanced students, and the easy to use interface makes it the perfect way to introduce music ear training to people of all ages. Auralia is suitable for both classical and contemporary musicians of any age and ability.

Band in a Box

Well used in secondary schools. Type in the chords to any song using standard chord symbols like C or Fm7b5; and Band-in-a-Box does the rest, automatically generating a complete professional-quality arrangement of piano, bass, drums, guitar, strings and more. Plus, add REAL accompaniment to your song with RealTracks and Real Drums- actual recordings of professional studio musicians.

Berklee Shares

Online music lessons from the faculty and alumni of Berklee: Production and Technology, Songwriting and Arranging, Music Business and Careers, Music Education, Music Improvisation. Free lessons for Bass, Brass, DJ and Turntable, Drums and Percussion, Guitar, Keyboards, Voice, Winds. A library of MP3 audio, QuickTime movie, and PDF files.


Cakewalk is the world’s leading developer of powerful and easy to use products for music creation and recording. These products include award-winning digital audio workstations and sequencers, fully-integrated music software and hardware solutions, and innovative virtual instruments. Millions of musicians worldwide - including Grammy® and Emmy®-winning producers, composers, sound designers, and engineers - use Cakewalk products daily to produce audio for the professional music, film, broadcast, and video game industries.


An online guitar chords finder where users can find and hear chords, and see chord positions, on a realistic virtual guitar.

Classics for Kids

Classical music's great composers come to life through music and stories. Listen to classical music, find out more about the great composers, discover the instruments of the orchestra, and play interactive games such as 'Composer Time Machine'.

Contrapunctus Variations

Contrapunctus Variations allows you to create your own musical composition using strings. Your composition may become part of a live performance from the Third Angle New Music Ensemble. You can select instruments, and once you get the hang of it, use the mouse to create music.

Crank it Up!

Let your young students create and record music by dragging objects into four frying pans, and adding sound effects by pressing keyboard letters.

Creating Music

This is an online creative music environment for children of all ages. It is a place to compose music and play with musical performance, music games, and music puzzles. It includes a musical sketch pad, games and puzzles, a rhythm band section where students create and listen to their own compositions, a cartoon conductor, and a section on melodic contours.

Delta Blues Museum

The Museum houses thousands of books, recordings, tapes, CDs, videos, rare photographs, and memorabilia tracing the roots of this unique American phenomenon.

Design Is History

This website summarises the history of design from 1450 until now. It also includes information on a range of movements and individual designers along with explanations of many contemporary design styles and a bibliography that includes links to other useful websites.

Downloading YouTube Videos

This document summarises how to download and save videos sourced from YouTube with tried and true links and instructions.

Drum and Bass in the UK

Information about drum and bass in the UK, with top 10 mp3 downloads, podcasts, news, event listings forum, and chat room.

Drums Online

Play drums with a mouse or keyboard. Virtual Drum Machine - an online drum machine that you can program. Includes drum note learning, drum set games, and drum sheet music.

Encyclopedia of African Music

Includes alphabetised artist list, related African links, and African music sources.

Examples of Music Planning

These unit plans from the Into Music 4 support material have been developed and used by teachers. Some have templates to fill in others are examples of classroom practice. Topics include creating soundscapes composition listening using the pentatonic scale singing and using disco music as a basis for learning about beat and rhythm.

Film and Television Music

This site is dedicated to the art (and business) of film and television music. It links to a range of film scores to pop music that show up on soundtrack CD and LPs. There are reviews, features information about composers, and other resources including a listing of trailer and teaser music for a number of films, a list of scores that are available on DVD as a special feature or isolated audio track, and links to other great websites that specialize in anything from printed magazines to composing software and media events.

Film Music

This site contains a number of online articles about film music and very useful links. There are also links to online study units including The Composer’s Toolkit The Performer Music as Drama and Case Studies on The Empire Strikes Back and West Side Story.


Finale offers the power, flexibility, and freedom to create any music you can imagine, from lyrics and staff layout to Garritan sounds and new fonts. Finale provides tools to compose, arrange, play, and print music. Software available includes: Finale Allegro, Print Music, Song Writer, Notepad.

Free and Legal Music Downloads

Freeplay Music is the biggest and the fastest growing "free" broadcast music production library in the world. The site has an extensive search facility for production music, recording artists, and sound effects. Freeplay's first product, the Freeplay Music Library, is a comprehensive collection of High End Broadcast production music spanning all the popular musical genres, available for download either on-line or via Portable Hard Drive.

Free Jazz Institute

A notation-friendly forum for music educational purposes. It has musician-to-musician discussions, transcriptions, and analyses of music, as well as a general resources library. Composers can share their own music, listen to others' compositions and network with jazz musicians.


This site has a wide variety of popular tabs as well as good online video lessons. It includes a section on playing and reading tabs and unpacking chords.


This site has a wide variety of popular tabs as well as good online video lessons. It includes a section on playing and reading tabs and unpacking chords.

Fun Music Company

Music games, lesson plans, flashcards, theory workbooks and other teaching resources for music, all with a fun emphasis and which are created and reviewed by the best music educators worldwide. You can get direct access to purchase music resources you can print it out instantly, ready for your next music lessons.


GarageBand lets you easily perform, record, and create your own music whether you are an experienced or aspiring musician.

Goldwave - Audio Software

Goldwave is a professional digital audio editing tool available as a free trial. Using this tool users can, for example, record and edit audio for podcasting, apply special effects such as fade and echo, and edit music for dance and drama activities.

Groovy Music

Sibelius Groovy Music is a series of three programmes which make teaching music to primary students easy and fun. Generalist teachers are supported with clear and well-written materials to help students create their own music as well as carry out directed learning activities. Each programme has its own theme: Groovy Music Shapes (ages 5 - 7); Groovy Music Jungle (ages 7 - 9); and Groovy Music Future City (ages 9 - 11).

Guide to Electronic Music

Everything you always wanted to know about electronic music, including news, reviews, interviews, party reports, artist profiles, label profiles, diaries, tutorials, and links. There is an interactive forum and chat site and a FAQ area.

Guitar Backing Track

This page contains free guitar backing tracks for popular songs as well as jam tracks. The backing tracks can be played onsite or downloaded in MP3 format.

Guitar Jam Session

A collection of online chords and riff loops that users can play along with. Users can turn the loops on and off and adjust the volume level. Would be useful for users who wish to develop music soloing techniques.

Guitar Scales

An online guitar scale finder where users can find scales and see and hear them performed on a realistic virtual guitar. Includes a range of major, minor, harmonic, melodic, blues, and whole tone scales as well as arpeggios, and diminished and dominant 7ths.

Guitar Tuner

An online guitar tuner finder where users can find common alternative tunings for guitar. Selection is made through a drop-down box and users can virtually strum the guitar to hear what a particular tuning will sound like.

Gullah Music

Gullah Music introduces the evolution of African music in America through Gullah history and culture. Gullah is the name of the descendents of enslaved Africans who lived on the Sea Islands of South Carolina, Georgia and northern Florida. Visitors learn how African music influenced many styles of music in America. There are interactive activities and teaching resources that explore work songs, spirituals, play songs and the blues.

HammerHead Freeware

HammerHead is a simple TR-909-like drum computer program aiming at the dance-scene. You can use it to create perfect Techno loops, Jungle patterns, or House beats, but it's also suitable for Hip Hop, Triphop, Rap, Industrial, and almost any other music you can think of. HammerHead has six separate channels, 29 built-in drum sounds, six complete breakbeats, and the possibility to import six samples of your own. You can save your patterns to completely noise-free CD-quality wave files to use them with your sampler, tracker, or sequencer program. It is PC based software.

Harmony Assistant

Harmony Assistant is an unbeatable software for computer-assisted music composition and editing. Its harmonizing capabilities enable the composer to quickly and efficiently build tunes that include accompaniment, multiple instruments, and drum patterns. Its full page edit and engraver modes will ease editing and page set-up of your scores. Harmony Assistant runs on Macintosh (Mac OS 8.6 to Mac OS X) and Windows (95, 98, ME, 2000, NT4 or XP).

Hei Waiata

Accompanying the waiata is a songbook with lyrics song sheets and curriculum achievement objectives. Hei Waiata Hei Whakakoakoa has been developed to support the teaching and learning of te reo Māori in English-medium schools. It has been aligned with Te Aho Arataki Marau mō te Ako i Te Reo Māori.

Home of Poi

A website which has some interesting information about poi, to supplement what might be gained from other resources. Check out the links as well. Suitable for primary and/or secondary programmes.

IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library

A virtual library containing all public domain music scores, as well as scores from composers who are willing to share their music with the world, without charge.

Instruments of the Orchestra

Sample sounds and learn more about all of the instruments played by symphony orchestra musicians.

Into Music 3 MIDI Files

This web page has two downloadable MIDI files intended to support the "Twelve-bar Blues" unit in "Into Music 3" chapter 3: Playing. Into Music 3 for teachers of students in years 7–10 is the third book and CD set in a series designed to support the music discipline of The Arts in the New Zealand Curriculum. The book has four main chapters – Listening Singing Playing and Creating and Representing – and each chapter includes three teaching units. NB: The download versions require Winzip which can be found on the TKI download tools section.http://www.tki.org.nz/e/tki/help/plugins.php

Into Music 4 - Classroom Music in Years 1-13

This website provides the online support material referred to in Into Music 4 a resource for teachers of years 1–13 students. This online material contains examples of music planning (including school-wide music programmes) full unit plans and learning ideas. There is also advice on assessment in music and planning and reviewing a school arts policy.

Jazz Guitar Chords

Build jazz chords using a virtual guitar fretboard.

Jazz Piano Chords and Scales

Construct jazz piano chords and scales on a virtual keyboard by selecting the root note then the type of chord or scale. The keyboard will highlight the keys and users can choose to invert the chord or expand the scale.

Kids Songs and Radio Sites

These sites provide free songs for kids. Download all the terrific children's songs you want to and to learn about the artists. NZ songs are included. http://www.niehs/nih/gov/kids/music.htm http://www.kidmixradio.net/# http://www/geocities.com/Broadway/Stage/7840/intro.htm

Kilbirnie School Music Planning Sheet

This is an example of a completed planning sheet created by teachers at Kilbirnie school (level 4).

Learning Ideas

For New Zealand secondary music classrooms - exams workbooks and music technology materials for purchase through Learning Ideas.

Learning in Music - Overview of Literacy in Music

This web page from the Into Music 4 support material provides an overview of literacy in music. It outlines each of the four strands in the New Zealand arts curriculum and how skills and knowledge bases can be developed.

Logic Pro

Logic Studio is a complete set of professional applications that lets you write, record, edit, mix, and perform. It’s also the largest collection of modeled instruments, sampler instruments, effect plug-ins, and audio loops ever put in a single box.


An app (iOS only as at July '15) that allows easy recording and looping of 6, 9 or 12 tracks. Effects, import/export, midi, count-in, time shifting, overdubbing.
Useful for playing along to chord sequences to help with composition.

M.U.S.I.C. - Musicians United For Songs in the Classroom Inc

M.U.S.I.C. is a nonprofit organisation that promotes arts integration through the study of popular music. You'll find a database of over 3000 songs for use in the classroom ideas about using lyrics in across-curricular media literacy programme in grades 7-12 lesson plans and related articles and a guide called "Stories Behind the Songs" which examines the origins and inspiration for contemporary songlyrics.

Made in New Zealand: Ko au te whenua, te whenua ko au - Stories of Art and Identity

Check out this web page from Te Papa's online Tai Awatea Knowledge Net, to read background information (in English or Māori) on the museum's 'Made in New Zealand' exhibition. This collection features samples of notable sculpture, furniture, silverware, jewellery, photography, musical recording, carving, and other works with a New Zealand identity.

Making Music Fun

This site has free music resources for primary music classroom teachers, private music instructors and homeschool parents, for the purpose of building kids up in positive ways and enriching their lives with an appreciation for music and learning.

Melody Assistant

This a very comprehensive and affordable notation program. Melody Assistant is dedicated to music writing, printing and rendering. Melody Assistant offers a user-friendly interface and powerful capabilities. Now used by a very active community of thousands of people, it has become a favoured tool for creating music. Score input can be performed through the mouse, computer keyboard, or an external MIDI keyboard.

Midnight Music

Australian music educator Katie Wardrobe has lots of tips and resources for effectively using music software. You can sign up for her monthly email newsletter of tips as well as look at her workshop notes from various conference presentations.

Midnight Music - Online Lesson plans and resources

Midnight Music has a free part of its website that contains many free lesson plans for integrating ICT in the music classroom. This ranges from Primary to Secondary. There is also a handy weekly email that is sent out.


Mixcraft is a multi-track recording studio for PC that enables you to record audio, arrange loops, remix tracks, compose with virtual instruments, score and edit video, and add effects. It includes over 3000 music loops and sound effects, a large collection of virtual instruments, and 22 effects.

Mixxx Digital DJ Software

Mixxx is free, open source, cross-platform digital DJ software for professionals and amateurs alike, with professional features like parallel digital displays, beat estimation, beat matching, and skins. Mixxx reads most popular sound formats.


A complementary site to the VH1 site – also contains Music videos, Music, Shows, Movies, Games, and News for all those interested in pop music culture. Genres centre on pop, rock, Soul, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Indie. An area on the site entitled ‘Think’ challenges site visitors to think about the impact of pop culture on society, politics, and the environment.


Free music composition and notation software. Notes are entered on a "virtual note sheet" with mouse, keyboard, or MIDI with unlimited number of staves, and up to four voices per staff. The program has an integrated sequencer and FluidSynth software synthesiser, import and export of MusicXML, and Standard MIDI files. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Free music composition and notation software. Notes are entered on a "virtual note sheet" with mouse, keyboard, or MIDI with unlimited number of staves, and up to four voices per staff. The program has an integrated sequencer and FluidSynth software synthesiser, import and export of MusicXML, and Standard MIDI files. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Music CD Reviews

More than 5,000 links, plus thousands of CD reviews and recommendations.

Music Genres Interactive Map

A map of a huge range of music genres with sound clips to explore.

Music in America

American music resources for classroom teaching.

Music Lesson Plans

An all encompassing array of early childhood and primary music lessons with a teacher approved rating scale.

Music Matters

Originating in the UK in 2010, the Music Matters campaign is a collective of people across the music community, including artists, songwriters, labels, managers, publishers and music stores, formed to remind listeners of the value and significance of music. This site has been created for Australia and New Zealand as part of the Music Matters international campaign.

Music Online Games

This site links to a wide range of music games and tuition for children and enthusiastic learners that develop music skills, instrument lessons, and knowledge bases - primary through to secondary.

Music Tech Teacher

This site was developed by a music teacher in Birmingham Alabama (so uses USA terms for rhythm). Worksheets and lesson plans can be downloaded and there are a wide variety of Flash games that students can do at the computer.

Music Training Games

This website provides online interactive games for musicians to: train one's ear with music games; sharpen sense of pitch and tone; unlock the hidden patterns in music; strengthen music theory skills. Levels are from beginner upwards.

Musical Futures

Musical Futures is a website that promotes a new way of thinking about music making in schools. It brings non-formal teaching and informal learning approaches into the more formal context of school. Resources blog forum and links are included in the site menu.

Musicland Theme Park

In this music webquest the goal is for teams of students to design a new music theme park. Students choose a genre for each "Land" such as jazz classical or rock ‘n roll. Each design team must choose a Land to develop and make it as realistic as possible. This is a well-presented webquest that will result in some valuable student music learning in the UC strand (Understanding Music in Context) and will be a great hit with students at years 7 and 8.

Musicnet FAQs (18.77 kB)

This set of FAQs has been developed from questions and topics arising from the Musicnet community forum and will be updated regularly.


Musictheory.net lessons include: The staff, clefs, and ledger lines; The Interval Ear Trainer; and over thirty new lessons and several new trainers. The entire musictheory.net website is packaged for offline viewing. You can expand the archive, open the "musictheory.net" folder, and click on "START.html" to view the website's content without an Internet connection.


Musition is a comprehensive music theory and fundamentals package for music students of all ages and abilities. Musition's interactive teaching makes learning music theory fun and easy. The structured drills and instant feedback create a stimulating learning environment, enabling students to achieve their maximum potential. Complete with 34 topics and sophisticated record keeping features, Musition is the ultimate music tuition tool.


This site was launched in 2001 on a self-funded Internet connection and server. They supply Top 50 charts dating back to 2000 online, with over 1,700 artists in the database plus the largest online Gig Guide in New Zealand.

My Mini-Guitar - Online Project

Students enter the abstract world of sounds by building a personal Mini-Guitar, which each participant puts together using modular parts. The attachment that students will develop towards their instruments in the building process encourages the students to play on their own as well as together with their friends.

My Oriental Guitar - Online Project

"My Oriental Guitar" is a musical enrichment programme, which places the participant, the oriental instrument, and the sounds, at the centre. Each student constructs a wonderful wooden musical instrument, with a full, warm, crystal clear, and deep sound. This instrument is called "Rabbab". It is also called The Oriental Guitar, and is constructed out of modular parts supplied together with all necessary tools and accessories.

National Education Monitoring Project Assessment Results: Music

This report presents details and results of the 2008 NEMP assessments in music years 4 and 8.

New songs for children to sing

A large number of songs available for purchase for ages 5-13. Backing tracks and accompaniment tracks are included.

New Zealand Folk Song

This website is a great resource for finding New Zealand songs and waiata.

New Zealand National Anthems

Learn about the history and protocol surrounding New Zealand's two national anthems. Access the lyrics for both, and the score and sound files for 'God Defend New Zealand'.


Noteflight is an online music writing application that lets you create, view, print, and hear music notation with professional quality, in your web browser. Work on a score from any computer on the Internet, share with other users, or embed into your own pages.

NZ On Screen

This superb site provides access to film, television and music video, as well as an array of background information, such as interviews and profiles.

Once Were Warriors - The Musical Drama

The Musical Drama based on the novel "Once Were Warriors" by Alan Duff toured New Zealand in 2004. Over seventy at-risk young people whose lives mirrored those of the characters on stage worked with experienced actors and creative people to present this work. This CD-rom documents the process of the production providing key insights through interviews video clips photo galleries biographies synopsis press releases a musical score script excerpts and web links. Resource written by Susan Battye and designed by Ian Allan. ISBN 0-476-00523-X. The CDROM is available from Contemporary Arts Media.

Online Flash Games (logic, action, music)

This site gives free educational games for children and adults to learn music the fun way.

Orchestra Games - Learn About Instruments and More

This site provides information about instruments of the orchestra while linking to exciting sites that provide many more interactive opportunities to play games and learn about the Orchestra.

Orchestra Instruments - Primary through to NCEA Score Reading

Potential for basic introductions of instruments through to helping NCEA students to know about instrumental techniques.

There are videos explaining different instruments of the orchestra with videos from each actual musician, which is broken into chapters.


PowerTab Editor is a tablature authoring tool for the Windows operating system. The program provides the most commonly used symbols in tablature, including chord names, chord diagrams, rhythm slashes, bends, slides, hammer-ons/pull-offs, harmonics, and palm muting. A useful piece of software for people who want to learn how to play guitar, and for experienced guitarists who want to transcribe their own music and/or guitar lessons. The software can be used by both acoustic and electric guitar players alike.

Practica Musica

Practica Musica® is the most complete and thorough music theory and ear training tutor available for your Mac or PC. With 80+ customisable activities, Practica Musica is the choice of thousands of schools, colleges, and conservatories worldwide. Webstudents is a feature of Practica Musica available on purchase. It keeps records of student progress and is designed to help individual students monitor their work and share news and assignments online.

Ralph Patt's Jazz Web Page

Backing tracks for jazz musicians to practice songs that are in the Vanilla Book. All backing tracks have 4 bar introductions. Piano is on left channel, bass and drums are on the right channel. Chords to most of the tracks are found in the Vanilla Book section. Some songs have alternate tempos. All tracks are in MP3 format.

Rocksure Soundz

A New Zealand based library of sound effects and royalty-free production music for film, television, and video production. All files have download access and content is regularly updated.

Science of Music

This interactive site allows you to explore the science of music through online exhibits and movies, with a wealth of useful information on a range of topics. Along the way, you can compose, mix, dance, drum, experiment, and above all listen.


This is a free score notation software that converts melodies to traditional notation. One of the best audio to score software released in recent years. Record in with live audio or input via a midi device. Scores can be exported for further editing in any other music notation software.

Cloud integration across all platforms - Windows/Apple/Android/iOS


The world’s best-selling, and best-known, music notation software, which includes an innovative toolset designed to provide aspiring and professional musicians with a more efficient approach to music composition. Sibelius is used for composing and arranging as well as creating worksheets for music students.

Sibelius Education

Sibelius Education is the place for music teachers, educators, students, and parents to find and share educational materials and information. By signing in you will be able to access more great features, including: upload your worksheets; build a collection of favourite worksheets, and add comments; chat and share experiences with other education users in the online forum.

Sibelius Music - Free Worksheets

Sing & See

Sing & See is revolutionary voice training software that gives singers real-time visual feedback to help them improve their singing technique. It is available from the online store or by ordering from Cantovation Technology Ltd., Auckland, or a local music education retailer.

Singing in the Primary School (95.82 kB)

An overview of how to approach singing in primary schools levels (levels 1 - 4).


Songsmith enables you to record a vocal line into the computer through a microphone and automatically generates chords and instrumental accompaniment. It comes with 30 accompaniment styles built in, and you can edit the chords and styles to create your finished original song.

Sound Memory Flash Online Game

Use sound memory flash game for memory improvement. See also Music free online game; Piano note free online teacher at http://www.uea.ac. uk/dos/learning/toolkit/Memory/memory.


SoundCloud is a free social sound platform where anyone can create sounds and share them with friends or publicly to blogs, sites, and social networks. There are iPhone and Android apps, as well as hundreds of creation and sharing apps built on the SoundCloud platform. Composers can seek feedback on work in progress.

SOUNZ - The Centre for New Zealand Music

SOUNZ, the Centre for New Zealand Music, promotes and provides the music of New Zealand composers. Through the SOUNZ website you can discover thousands of works by hundreds of New Zealand composers with associated scores, recordings, resources, programme notes, biographies, events, news, awards as well as online audio, score and video samples for many of the works. Anyone can search the SOUNZ online database but SOUNZ Library members and SOUNZ Online members have additional benefits including online borrowing requests for the former and purchase by download scores (pdf) and audio (mp3) for the latter.

Stars and Catz - Free online games

T his Australian-based website has over 80 free online games and resources for teaching music. 

TeAchnology-the Online Teacher Resource

By logging onto this site you will have access to a huge range of music-related websites that cover all aspects of music education for example NNCC Music and Movement Activities for young children a link to the New York Philharmonic KidZone where your students can hear instruments watch interviews with musicians and follow the orchestra around the world as well as learn about composers create their own music and read about the symphony's conductors. By clicking on Lesson Plans and then going into Music Education there are lesson plans for all ages that teachers may find useful to use or adapt.


Comprehensive online music theory tutorials exercises music theory references articles and publications.


Over 6000 free music resources: music lesson plans, music activities, music worksheets, music revision, music teaching ideas and much more. These resources and music activities are devised by teachers, for teachers.

Theatrical Resources: Music Theatre International

This site provides resources to go with many of the most well-known shows like Fame Annie and Fiddler on the Roof. The study guides explore issues that are pertinent to the era and themes of the shows. A great resource for teachers who want to use the school show as an assessment tool.

Theta Music Trainer

This site is free to join for access to the first three levels. It uses music games to help musicians improve their senses of pitch and tone, unlock hidden patterns in music and strengthen music theory skills. The layout and format of the games make it particularly appealing for primary and intermediate age students.

TRCC/MENZA 2011 National Music Conference Resources

These resources are for early childhood primary and secondary teachers and are from the Cultural Chords National Music Conference April 2011.


A multi-track tablature editor and player which has a tablature editor, score viewer, multitrack display, autoscroll while playing, note duration management, various effects (bend, slide, vibrato, hammer-on/pull-off), repeats, time signature, and tempo management and can import and export Guitar Pro files.

UK Drum and Bass Radio Station

UK Bass Radio is an Internet radio station playing Drum and Bass, Jungle, and Old Skool. The station is online 24 hours a day, with live broadcasts from some of the UK's best Drum and Bass DJs from around the UK every night, as well as regular guests on the station. To tune in to UK Bass Radio, you will need a player that is compatible with streaming MP3. It is recommended that you use Winamp, available free from www.winamp.com.

VanBasco's Karaoke Player

Free sing-a-long karaoke music software for PC: VanBasco's Karaoke Player plays MIDI Karaoke files. Lyrics can be displayed in full-screen. You can change and recall tempo, volume, and key of a song, and mute or solo instruments.


Music videos Music Shows Movies Games News and a blog site for all those interested in pop music culture. You can use a search facility to find historical performances from artists from the 50s 60s 70s 80s and 90s. Great for those doing a history of popular music.

Windows 8 Apps for Teachers and Students - from Microsoft in Education

Many apps are available to support learning in music for students using Windows tablets. These include: Grantophone, Learn guitar, Music maker jam, Note trainer, Piano chords, Piano time, Play guitar, Practice your music. Several are free.


Arts Queensland

Arts Queensland involves students in five arts disciplines: Dance Drama Media Music and Visual Arts. This site contains information on Arts Curriculum Support Policies and Procedures Arts Programmes and Arts Resources.

Creative Waikato

Creative Waikato supports the development of the creative arts in the Waikato for the benefit of the greater community. We can help with information, advice, support and funding for your arts or cultural project. The Waikato has a thriving and distinctive creative sector and our communities treasure its essential contribution to our lives. Our purpose is to strengthen, develop and invigorate the creative sector in the Waikato for the benefit of all.

Education and Disability Resource Center

Use this British education site as a reference tool for various issues in education that affect the entire community- Including Job Tips Neurological Developmental & Learning Disabilties Salary Statistics SATs Classroom Management Home Schooling Lesson Plans Bullying ADD Student Loans and Articles in Education.

Educators Reference Desk Lesson Plans - Arts

The Educators Reference Desk Lesson Plan Collection contains more than 1000 unique lesson plans which have been written and submitted to AskERIC by teachers from all over the United States. This page is focused on the Arts.

Exploring Te Ao Kori

Te Ao Kori (the world of movement) is a Māori celebration of life through movement and its many expressions. This resource describes learning experiences derived from customary Māori cultural practices and integrates the arts with health and physical education.

Figure Drawing Lab

A useful and comprehensive guide to drawing the human figure from the University of Evansville Indianna.


Register to find information about past and upcoming arts virtual field trips. Registration and enrolment in all trips is free for New Zealand registered teachers teaching in New Zealand schools.

Manaakitanga - Senior Secondary Teaching and Learning Guides for the Arts

Examples of manaakitanga in arts classrooms. Mannaakitanga is about values of integrity trust sincerity and equity. Through manaakitanga the teacher and fellow students recognise and affirm the identity of each student in open and trusting relationships.

New Zealand Curriculum Resource Bank

This tool organises resources and information that support professional learning and leadership as schools implement The New Zealand Curriculum. There is a selection of resources for The Arts in this database.

Secondary Education Portal

Information resources and guidance to support secondary teaching and learning.

Success for Boys

This New Zealand Ministry of Education website is intended to help teachers build on existing practice to create opportunities for all boys to succeed.

Tangata whenuatanga - Senior Secondary Teaching and Learning Guides for the Arts

Tangata whenuatanga represents place-based socio-cultural awareness and knowledge of the whenua or land we come from.

Theatrical Resources: Music Theatre International

This site provides resources to go with many of the most well-known shows like Fame Annie and Fiddler on the Roof. The study guides explore issues that are pertinent to the era and themes of the shows. A great resource for teachers who want to use the school show as an assessment tool.

Tino rangatiratanga - Senior Secondary Teaching and Learning Guides for the Arts

Examples of tino rangatiratanga in arts classrooms. Tino rangatiratanga is the principle of relative autonomy – the goal is to gain relative control over one's own life and cultural well-being.

Unravelling the Mystery of Avant-Garde Art

Whanaungatanga - Senior Secondary Teaching and Learning Guides for the Arts

Examples of whanaungatanga in arts classrooms. Whanaungatanga involves relationships (between students school-wide and with the community) based on high expectations.

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