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Professional readings


Music – Sound Arts

Ako - Senior Secondary Teaching and Learning Guides for the Arts

Examples of ako in arts classrooms. Ako involves reciprocal shared learning in the classroom and beyond.

Community Character: how arts and cultural strategies create reinforce and enhance sense of place (1.60 MB)

Arts and culture strategies help to reveal and enhance the underlying identity - the unique meaning value and character - of the physical and social form of a community. This identity is reflected through the community’s character or sense of place.


On this site you will find hundreds of documentaries that have been found on the web all in one place all ready to watch. Particularly useful for visual arts and art history.

Education World Arts Chats

This chat site involves Robin C. Redmond associate director of the Center for Arts Policy Colombia College Chicago who is arguing the relevance and importance of the Arts being used as an integrated teaching/learning tool. He also advocates the involvement of community artists.

Guide to Electronic Music

Everything you always wanted to know about electronic music including news reviews interviews party reports artist profiles label profiles diaries tutorials and links. There is an interactive forum and chat site and a FAQ area.

Home of Poi

A website which has some interesting information about poi to supplement what might be gained from other resources. Check out the links as well. Suitable for primary and/or secondary programmes.

Home Recording Connection

A very full resource site for those interested in home recording. Articles include; Computer Based Do It Yourself Effects & Signal Processing Miking Techniques Mixing and Multitracking Music on the Internet Premastering & Mastering Product Reviews Songwriting Suggested Books Suggested Magazines.

Improved Learning through Piano Instruction

A McGill University study found that pattern recognition and mental representation scores improved significantly for students given piano instruction over a three-year period. They also found that self-esteem and musical skills measures improved for the students given piano instruction. Presented at the meeting of the Music Educators National Conference Phoenix AZ April 1998


This site explores the history of jazz and how it is intertwined with the history of America. It refers to some of the social and cultural events that impacted on jazz music from the 1800s to the 1960s and includes audio and visual recordings of different styles of jazz and musicians and allows you to play along on a virtual piano.

Journal of the Society for Musicology in Ireland

Manaakitanga - Senior Secondary Teaching and Learning Guides for the Arts

Examples of manaakitanga in arts classrooms. Mannaakitanga is about values of integrity trust sincerity and equity. Through manaakitanga the teacher and fellow students recognise and affirm the identity of each student in open and trusting relationships.

Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand

MAINZ is a division of Tai Poutini Polytechnic (Auckland and Christchurch) offering programmes in Audio Engineering Contemporary Music Performance Live Sound and Event Production Music Event Management and Foundation Sound and Music. Short courses in DJing Songwriting Logic Audio and professional courses for teachers are also offered across New Zealand.

Music CD Reviews

More than 5000 links plus thousands of CD reviews and recommendations.

Music Education Online

This Indiana University School of Music site links to a comprehensive range of music journals and magazines newspapers and articles.


This large site covers general history of musicals dance in musicals how to put on a musical and much more.


Māori Music Library Guide

This page from Wellington City Libraries Te Matapahi Ki Te Ao Nui site presents key books recordings and links relating to Māori music.

New Zealand Muzic Net

A very full artist directory the latest album and singles charts new release information gig guide discussion forum and free downloads from NZ bands.

NZ Musician

Articles stories links news forums directories and general information about all genres of music in New Zealand.

Performing Arts Facilities in Schools: Year 9-13 Music Facilities

This section of the Performing Arts Facilities in Schools raises some general issues related to facilities for teaching music in years 9-13. Includes lists of basic needs and advice based on the experiences of many schools particularly with regard to storage.

Perspectives on Singing

This is the latest freely available refereed e-journal in Multi-Disciplinary Research in the Arts from UNESCO Observatory Faculty of Architecture Building and Planning The University of Melbourne (ISSN 1835 - 2776). There are fourteen papers that consider the socialcultural pedagogical musical practices and health aspects of singing.

Promethean Editions

Visit this website to read up-to-date information on selected contemporary composers from New Zealand the United Kingdom and Australia. Read recent biographical notes and a current list of works and selected performance highlights.

Research Studies in Music Education

A refereed journal fostering music education research internationally - published by the Callaway International Resource Centre for Music & Music Education Australia.

Robots with "Soul"

Can robots and humans interact the way that human beings interact with each other?

Slow Pedagogy: A Dangerous but Powerful Idea - Counter Acceleration and Speed with Slowness and Wholeness (PDF 561KB)

This 2008 paper by Project Vision discusses a new vision for education in the 21st century. It considers current initiatives in India aimed at integrating new technologies changed classroom environments and a range of school structures to enable new practices to develop in an invisible and contextual manner so that they work slowly and with great finesse to create an unquiet and critical pedagogy - one where new media arts can sustain social change.

Sound of Music Returning to Schools in California (Word 26.5KB)

Music and art classes are returning to Californian schools. After the demise of the arts in American education a restoration is now in progress. The new state budget gives schools more than half a billion dollars this year toward restoring once-abundant courses in painting and ceramics chorus and band orchestra and drama -- and the experts needed to teach them. The article provides details of the community lobbying process against state-imposed cut-backs.

SOUNZ - The Centre for New Zealand Music

Created in New Zealand heard around the world. SOUNZ the Centre for New Zealand Music is a music information centre promoting the music of New Zealand. SOUNZ has the largest and most accessible collection of New Zealand music in the world which is now online. SOUNZ provides a range of services projects and activities including music teaching resources such as the SOUNZwrite guides for NCEA and Ears Wide Open for upper primary and junior secondary.

SOUNZ Community

For all those who make NZ music ‘happen’ there is a special area on this website which allows composers and contributors to share new works products and events. It also allows contributors to update their profiles and contact details online. To access this part of the site a user name and login are required.

SOUNZ Resources

SOUNZ offers secure e-commerce from this site allowing the purchase of musical scores recordings and publications that are available from the Centre. As well as selling many unpublished works by NZ composers through licence SOUNZ endeavours to stock all publications – cds scores music resources and books – that relate to their music.

Success for Boys

This New Zealand Ministry of Education website is intended to help teachers build on existing practice to create opportunities for all boys to succeed.


This site contains articles on Computer Music links to audio interfaces computer hardware MIDI controllers and MIDI interfaces samples loops software effects and audio processors software sequencers and software synthesizers and samplers. There is also information on electronic music and recording gear free music interviews iPods and portable media players music news and reviews.

The Art of the Matter: the development and extensions of ways of knowing in the Arts (PDF 70KB)

This downloadable paper (99 pages pdf) by researchers at the University of Waikato investigates how the development of ideas in the Arts can be promoted enhanced and refined in classrooms and in so doing build knowledge related to Arts educational pedagogy research and philosophy.

The Big Idea

This site carries information on the New Zealand creative sector jobs commissions auditions and professional development opportunities. Professional awards and competitions and intern-ship opportunities are listed. A weekly creative sector magazine is provided with local and international content. There is a place for forums a marketplace and on-line opinion polls. A feature aspect is the profiling of individuals and organisations and their work. The Big Idea is the connects the NZ creative sector with the world. Services are currently entirely free to subscribers.

The Case for Music in Schools

Music majors are the most likely group of college grads to be admitted to medical school. Physician and biologist Lewis Thomas studied the undergraduate majors of medical school applicants. He found that 66 percent of music majors who applied to med school were admitted the highest percentage of any group. Peter H. Wood ERIC Document No. ED327480 "The Case for Music in the Schools" Phi Delta Kappan February 1994

The Lament Project

The Centre for Integrated Media at the California Institute of the Arts announces the release of its new online sound/art collaboration called ‘The Lament Project' as part of the 2008 release of Viralnet.net the Centre's online journal and project space.

Theatrical Resources: Music Theatre International

This site provides resources to go with many of the most well-known shows like Fame Annie and Fiddler on the Roof. The study guides explore issues that are pertinent to the era and themes of the shows. A great resource for teachers who want to use the school show as an assessment tool.

Tino rangatiratanga - Senior Secondary Teaching and Learning Guides for the Arts

Examples of tino rangatiratanga in arts classrooms. Tino rangatiratanga is the principle of relative autonomy – the goal is to gain relative control over one's own life and cultural well-being.

Tātaiako: Cultural Competencies for Teachers of Māori Learners

Tātaiako: Cultural Competencies for Teachers of Māori Learners is a new resource explaining the progression of the competencies teachers need to develop so they can help Māori learners achieve educationally as Māori. Tātaiako has been developed to help all educators think about what it takes to successfully teach Māori learners. It provides a guide to the development of cultural competence for teachers themselves for their employers and for Initial Teacher Education providers and providers of on-going teacher professional development.

Western Social Dance

This site is for teacher reference. It gives instructions and clips on a variety of historical western social dances from the late middle ages through to the beginning of the twentieth century. It includes dances such as the Galliard and the Pavane. It would be useful for dance teachers music teachers and for drama teachers who want to include dance in period productions.

Why is Teaching Composing so Challenging? (PDF 125KB) (124.24 kB)

A survey of classroom observation and teachers’ opinions by Rebecca Berkley. The article answers three questions related to composition learning in relation to GCSE - can all GCSE students compose; how do you teach composing at GCSE; and is the GCSE course a good test of composing ability?

Why Music is an Essential Liberal Art

Why should young people study music? This article considers the central place in the lives of young people. It discusses the central role of teaching to give them an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the natural world - and of our connection to it - by becoming more aware of the mathematical order that underlies music.

Why Music? (PDF 185KB) (184.34 kB)

This research project was carried out in 2007 by Karen Carter MENZA liaison coordinator. The project provides a snapshot of student views about the place of music in their lives and makes this information available to music educators.

Yantra for Mahana (PDF 391KB) (390.22 kB)

Yantra for Mahana 2006 by Marte Szirmay is a massive iron sculpture erected at the entrance of the Woollaston Estates art landscape in Nelson late in 2006. This downloadable pdf includes an explanatory artist’s statement and a range of photos detailing the work’s erection and various views of the sculpture in situ (kindly provided by courtesy of the artist).

Your Brain and Musical Improvisation

In this TED Talks video musician and researcher Charles Limb considers how the brain works during musical improvisation so he put jazz musicians and rappers in an fMRI to find out. What he and his team found has deep implications for our understanding of creativity of all kinds.


Are you a Visual thinker?

Changing Assessment : How four simple words can solve education’s biggest problem

A TED talk by Mark Barnes discussing approaches to assessment and how to include the student voice in a ‘beautiful conversation’. 

Creatives New Zealand

Creative New Zealand have recently published their findings after a three-year study looking at our attendance, attitudes and participation in the Arts. This three-yearly research began in 2005 and was repeated in 2008, 2011 and 2014. It delivers on-going information to the arts sector about New Zealanders’ level of involvement in, and attitudes towards, the arts.

Do you have a wandering mind?

How Colour Blindness Might Affect an Art Student

Teacher Toolkit - 5 Minute Wellbeing Plan

Devised for 'guilty teachers' to manage work/life balance. 

Teacher Toolkit - 5 Miunute Workload Plan

Visual Thinking Improves Writing

Encouraging writing through 'life journals' comic strips and drawing. 

Why do we keep creative people out of leadership roles?

Creatives as leaders - short article by David Burkus.

Why Med Schools are Requiring Art Classes

An article about the relationship between the arts, clinical observation and maintaining empathy in the medical profession. 

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