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Resource C: Letter to the Roberts

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The Ministry of Energy

Miles Cathersides
Minster of Energy
PO Box 17 - 8895

21 February, 2008

James and Marie Roberts
17 Flag Street

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to inform you that the Government has decided to proceed with the building of an oil fired power station in the Newdale area. Planning is well under way and construction is due to commence in eighteen months.

It is unfortunate that the building of this important amenity will mean the displacement of a number of residents to make way for the structure. Both the Newdale Primary and Newdale Secondary schools will also have to be demolished as well as the commercial centre.

Property owners will be compensated for their land and buildings at current government valuations.You will be pleased to learn that your property at

17 Flag Street

falls outside the zone being compulsorily acquired for the project. You will therefore be able to remain at this address and no compensation will be due to you.Yours faithfullyP. Smith p.p.Miles Cathersides Minister of Energy

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