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Resource G: George Sunderland's letter

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23 October, 1903

Dear William,

I trust that you and your wife are well and that life in Wellington is settled. I must confess that I long somewhat for the small luxuries of modern amenities that the city provides. Life in the provinces is certainly very crude in comparison.

William, my friend, I have a favour to ask of you and your dear wife, Mary. When I returned to our lodgings in Palmerston North last night, from an excursion with a surveying team into the hills, I found Hilda in a state of great agitation. She begged me that we return to Wellington forthwith, that she couldn't stay another day in this "disgusting and frightening wilderness". She wouldn't give me any clue as to what had happened but is adamant that she return to Wellington.

Unfortunately, there is no possibility of my return at this stage but I have managed to find a group returning to Wellington the day after tomorrow with whom she might travel.

I wonder if Mary might meet her on her return and take poor Hilda under her wing for a few days.

I must hasten if this is to catch the post, which goes today.

I am indebted to you both for your kindness.

Your very good friend,George

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