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Resource B: Richard Sunderland's Letter to the Museum

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19 February, 2008

The Curator
Art History Museum
Palmerston North

Dear Sir/Madam,

Recently I discovered in the attic of our family home a chest containing a number of items that seem to have belonged to my great grandmother. Clearly, I am the first to have seen the contents since the chest was stored there goodness knows when.

One item interests me in particular. It is a bizarre and quite disturbing piece of jewellery wrapped in a soft black cloth in a small box along with a number of documents and what looks like pages from a diary.

I have not sent you the article in question as it seems it might be very valuable but I have enclosed a photograph of it. Please, would the museum be able to examine the piece? I would be grateful for your expert opinion.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Sunderland

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