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Research It

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Writer: Julie Cadzow

Level: 5/6 Years 9/10 Duration: 6 lessons (approximately)

This is a differentiated dance unit where students complete a choice of activities from a table of tasks about a dance genre. The tasks are arranged in columns of increasing complexity and provide opportunities for students to display skills in a variety of areas.

The unit can be conducted as an individual or group activity and includes a presentation lesson/s where students display, teach or perform their work to the class. There are 6 templates available to use as designed or altered to suit the class and teacher

Key Competency

Using Language, Symbols and Texts Students will find, read, interpret, select, organize and present information in a variety of ways from a variety of sources.

Achievement Objectives
  • Understanding Dance in Context (UC)
    Level 5: Students will compare and contrast dances from a variety of past and present cultures and contexts Level 6: Students will explore, investigate and describe the features and background of a variety of genres/styles
  • Developing Practical Knowledge in Dance (PK)
    Level 5: Students will develop a variety of skills, dance techniques, vocabularies and movement practices.
Specific Learning Outcomes

The student will:

  • Perform short phrases of movement using appropriate genre style and technique (PK & UC)
  • Identify and describe features of a selected dance genre (UC)
  • Present dance genre research in poster form, written, or practically (UC)

Suggested Learning Sequence

Assessing the Learning
Printing this unit

Download PDF file (PDF 102 KB)

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