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Self-Assessment:Relating to Others

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Name: ________________Think about how you relate to the other people in the Dance class.
 For each of the statements below write either:
Never (N) Occasionally (O) Sometimes (S) Mostly (M) or Always (A)

When I walk into the Dance Room I:  
Say “hello” to the teacher                    
Say “hello” to other students                    
Get changed without being told to                    
‘Put’ all my other thoughts and worries aside and just get on with dancing                    
When I work in a group I have been:  
Including all the other group members                    
Listening to others                    
Trying out other people’s ideas                    
Making positive comments                    
Suggesting new ideas when appropriate                    
Suggesting alternative ideas without ‘put downs’                    
Negotiating when there is a disagreement                    
Rehearsing dance work thoroughly                    
Performing my part in a group dance sequence to my best                    
Receiving constructive feedback as being helpful rather than critical                    

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