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Responding, Analysing and Talking about Dance - Years 2-10

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Discussion Starters

Suggestions for use:

  1. Enlarge, photocopy, cut into separate 'starters', and laminate.
  2. The aim of this activity is to encourage students to talk about dance in a safe environment. The students work together to form opinions about dance.
  3. Organise the class into groups of 3-4 students.
  4. Allow each group to select one discussion starter, which they read in their groups prior to observing dance.
  5. Students observe a dance from class work or from a video/DVD.
  6. Give groups 2-3 minutes to talk about their discussion starter and then one student from each group shares their thoughts with the class.
  7. Repeat with different discussion starters and students take turns to be the group reporter.
  8. Once confidence has developed, this activity could also be used for students to make individual oral responses.
Years 5-10 response cards

Dance vocabulary to revise:

Opening moment, levels, pathways, body bases, locomotor and non-locomotor movement, directions, energy

We liked the way _________________ because ______________. The most exciting part was when ________________________ We thought it was exciting because _______________________ At the beginning of the dance, the dancers were ______________ ___________________________________________________ During the middle of the dance we saw _____________________ We thought ______________ because ____________________ The dance finished when _____________________________. We thought ______________________________________

Levels: High, medium, low

The dancers used different levels when _______________ This was _______________ because _______________

Pathways: Air and floor, straight, curved, zigzag, other

The pathways we saw in the dance were ________ The pathways were ___________ because ________________

Body Bases: Standing, sitting, kneeling, lying

The body bases we saw used in the dance were _______________

Locomotor movement = travelling movement, Non-Locomotor movement = movement on the spot

The locomotor movements we saw were __________________ The non-locomotor movements we saw were _______________

Directions: Forwards, backwards, right, left, diagonal, up, down

The different directions we saw in the dance were ____________

Energy: Strong, weak, firm, light, soft, heavy

The dancers performed the dance with ____ moves when _______ One way to develop their dance could be to __________________

Years 2-4 Response Cards

Dance vocabulary to revise:

 Locomotor movement (travelling movement), Body Bases (standing, kneeling, sitting, lying)

Our favourite part was when ___________ We saw the dancers do _______________ We think the dance was ______________ We would like to try ________________ The dance began when ______________ The dance ended when _____________ The locomotor moves they used were ______________ The body bases they used were __________________

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