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Dance Teacher's Tool Kit

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Writer: Julie Cadzow

Teaching tools for use in school Dance lessons for Years 1-13. All resources can be used as they are, or modified to suit.

dance_vocabulary_cards (RTF 2 MB)

Single dance words are written on A4 pages. Photocopy and laminate

using_dance_vocabulary_cards (RTF 52 KB)

Ideas for using Dance Vocabulary in the classroom

action_words (RTF 7 KB)

Six words are written on each page. Photocopy, cut and laminate

using_action_words (RTF 48 KB)

Ideas for using Action Words in dance compositions

dance_definitions_activity (RTF 73 KB)

RTF 74KB) A literacy task for Years 7-10

oral_responses_cards (RTF 55 KB)

Photocopy, cut, laminate and use when students are discussing dance presentations

thinking_about_choreography (RTF 73 KB)

Questions and statements teachers can use to further develop students' composition work

dance_review (RTF 30 KB)

 Five templates for students to record dance presentations

practical_differentiation (RTF 64 KB)

Improve Practical Knowledge: Leaping - 3 graded cards, Turning - 3 graded cards.

geometric_shapes (RTF 22 KB)

Nine templates to photocopy and laminate and use in both individual and group work in Dance

prepositions (RTF 1 MB)

Eight templates to photocopy and laminate and use when exploring Dance elements - Space (Direction) and Relationships

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