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Reviewed resources

This section contains links to resources for teaching the Arts across all the disciplines. The links are arranged alphabetically.


Art History

Archives New Zealand Film Site

Here you are able to search through the core National Film Unit (NFU) collection as well as find out about preservation work and the history and life of the film unit.

Art Copyright Explained

Art History Resources on the Web

Historical Information on various countries and time period.

Art Museum Image Consortium

A huge catalogue of thumbnail images of over 100,000 digitized works of art, text, and multimedia.

Artists May Sleep More but Get Less Rest

Where do artists fall on the continuum of the tired? And is there a connection between creativity and sleeping habits?

Arts Curriculum Teaching and Learning Guides for Senior Secondary

These New Zealand Curriculum guides provide comprehensive elaborations of the arts learning area including the disciplines of dance drama music – sound arts visual arts and art history. Pedagogies indicators context elaborations and learning progammes support underpinning key concepts. All materials strongly support arts teaching and learning in each discipline at curriculum levels 6 - 8 (NCEA).

Auckland Museum - Education Resources

Access an array of education kits designed to support teachers with information activities and ideas for visiting the museum. Resources also include pre-visit and post-visit activities. Though based on the Auckland Museum many of the kits contain material that would be useful to teachers elsewhere in the country. Of particular note are the kits on Maori Arts including kowhaiwhai and tukutuku patterns whakairo and more.

Byzantine Art

Detailed description and information of the style with images as well as a significant amount of contextual information.

Contemporary New Zealand Artists

This New Zealand Film Archive education resource comprises three disks with downloadable (PDF) teaching materials. The overall resource is a chronological examination of the contemporary artists who have influenced the development of New Zealand Art.

Creative NZ says the Arts, Culture and Creativity can help New Zealanders age well

The national arts agency recommended that the arts, culture and creativity play an integral role in the development of a positive aging strategy for New Zealand.

Damien Hirst Show Sparks Accusations of Cultural Appropriation

Design a Wig

This is an interactive idea from the Victoria and Albert Museum website.

It is a design-your-own 18th century wig. Students can digitally decorate with powder, sailing ships and beribbon elaborate wigs.
It works well on all forms of device and you can share and print results.

Disabilities Resource Centre

We are totally committed to positively impacting the lives of elderly and people with disabilities.

Dutch Still Life - Dark Secrets Behind Exotic Delicacies

The Dutch Golden Age led to a tremendous outpouring of still-life paintings in the 17th century. Since then, critics have generally belonged to two opposing schools of thought when it comes to interpreting them.

E-Flux Visual Arts Network

International Art History network.

Getty Centre: Resources for Teachers

This site is focused on helping teachers develop programmes of study. While it’s based on the Getty’s collection and American education system the information is easily transferable. The Building Visual Arts Lessons is divided into a number of sections including discussion of Elements of Art which looks at formal qualities in relation to images. Information is developed for practical classroom use and teachers can search lesson plans.

History of Colours in Art

How Art Survives Under Authoritarianism

How Japan Has Inspired Western Artists from Impressionism to Today

Japanese art has long been a source of fascination and inspiration for Western artists. From the 17th century onwards, Dutch imports of East Asian objets d’art created a frenzy among wealthy Europeans for exotic silks, ceramics, and other treasures.

How Photography Became the Hottest New Investment Choice

If You Don’t Understand Conceptual Art, It’s Not Your Fault

International Gothic (c.1375-1450)

History, characteristics as well as the various formats that International Gothic was seen – panel painting, book painting and sculpture. Also a list of key International Gothic painters and sculptors.

International Gothic Style

Selection of images and essays about the art style and time period.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

A vast site. Probably the most useful for Art History teachers is the Timeline of Art History a chronological geographical and thematic exploration of the history of art from around the world. Each timeline page includes representative art from the Museum's collection a chart of time periods a map of the region an overview and a list of key events. The user can compare and contrast art from different periods and geographic locations.

Mother of all Art History Links

An extensive group of internet art links based at the University of Michigan. Its focus is on American institutions but it has wider usage. It has links for museums online collections and huge variety of research resources.

Museum of Web Art

A site dedicated to the art technology and culture of the world wide web.

Naturalism in Painting

The development from naturalism to idealization in the 1400s.

NZ History of Photography Timeline

This timeline from 1841 - 2010 gives details of the development of photography in New Zealand while also making reference to international events within photography.

NZQA Resources for Art History

This link will take you to the NZQA art history resource site. This is a one stop site which contains achievement and scholarship standardsprevious examinations National Moderator's Reports Examiners reports and useful links to sites like TKI. Long term development includes the provision of annotated exemplars from previous exams. The previous examination reports contain information which will be useful for teachers preparing students for the upcoming external assessment.

Painting Flowers

Seach by title artist flower type theme or location to find paintings from collections in Britain which feature flowers. Zoom in and explore artists and their work.

Pigments Through the Ages

This site covers exhibits relating to the art of painting and includes information about the most important pigments used through time.

Red Studio

Red Studio Inc. is a photography and design firm specializing in company branding, website design & development, architectural & location photography, printed marketing materials, display graphics and signage. We also help many of our clients with collaborative marketing consultation, public relations and content creation.

Renaissance Art Making Techniques

A good starting point for the study of Verrocchio and Italian art. Resource from the Victoria and Albert museum covering different Renaissance art making techniques including bronze. Useful for a media and processes activity as well as Renaissance art content.

Study Art

Studying art and design at AUT is the best place to develop the thinking and skills that ensure you develop a unique voice and that your designs transcend the ordinary, provoke thought and evoke response.

Te Papa - What is the Venice Biennale

A set of resources jam-packed with great links to videos and other material and lessons related to Lisa Reihana’s ‘Emissaries - In Pursuit of Venus’.

Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery

Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery is Waitakere City's Regional Art Gallery. Their focus is to present contemporary art through a diverse programme of exhibitions and events.

The Art Story

A website to ‘sort through all the noise of the art world and shed light on modern and contemporary art.’ Topic pages on over 160 artists, art movements, graphic timelines, critics and a blog with great articles.

The Artchive

Virtual gallery of classic and contemporary painting, sculpture, as well as art critique, reviews, and links.

The Brain-Stimulating Devices that People Are Using to Jumpstart Creativity

For several years now, devices that are meant to serve this purpose have been available for purchase online, and can be used in the comfort of your home or studio. Yet these gadgets open up both medical and ethical quandaries, and neuroscientists warn that they could be dangerous when used incorrectly.

The Evolution of Painting Techniques During the Renaissance

This site about Renaissance painting techniques includes a forum discussion lesson ideas and links to many useful resources.

The Getty Museum

Collections of art works and research from the Getty Museum.

The History of Commedia

An interesting background article on Commedia.

The history of the use of blue in art

The Renaissance Connection

These downloadable and printable lessons for Art History and Visual Arts provide background information and detailed planning for senior art teaching and learning about the Renaissance period.

Unravelling the Mystery of Avant-Garde Art

What is Classicism?

How the Renaissance artist defined classicism.


Art and Creativity in Early Childhood Education

This site has lesson plans as well as handouts on art and literacy and how art impacts on overall learning.

Arts Queensland

Arts Queensland involves students in five arts disciplines: Dance Drama Media Music and Visual Arts. This site contains information on Arts Curriculum Support Policies and Procedures Arts Programmes and Arts Resources.

Creative Waikato

Creative Waikato supports the development of the creative arts in the Waikato for the benefit of the greater community. We can help with information, advice, support and funding for your arts or cultural project. The Waikato has a thriving and distinctive creative sector and our communities treasure its essential contribution to our lives. Our purpose is to strengthen, develop and invigorate the creative sector in the Waikato for the benefit of all.

Education and Disability Resource Center

Use this British education site as a reference tool for various issues in education that affect the entire community- Including Job Tips Neurological Developmental & Learning Disabilties Salary Statistics SATs Classroom Management Home Schooling Lesson Plans Bullying ADD Student Loans and Articles in Education.

Educators Reference Desk Lesson Plans - Arts

The Educators Reference Desk Lesson Plan Collection contains more than 1000 unique lesson plans which have been written and submitted to AskERIC by teachers from all over the United States. This page is focused on the Arts.

Exploring Te Ao Kori

Te Ao Kori (the world of movement) is a Māori celebration of life through movement and its many expressions. This resource describes learning experiences derived from customary Māori cultural practices and integrates the arts with health and physical education.

Figure Drawing Lab

A useful and comprehensive guide to drawing the human figure from the University of Evansville Indianna.

History of New Zealand Theatre

Arts and culture, the guide to top websites: visual, performing & literary arts.

Integrated Arts Programme - Arizona

This video and accompanying materials describe and justify an arts-integration programme in primary schools. While the programme relies on visiting arts specialists in the classroom there are ideas and rubrics that could be adapted by generalists.


Register to find information about past and upcoming arts virtual field trips. Registration and enrolment in all trips is free for New Zealand registered teachers teaching in New Zealand schools.

Manaakitanga - Senior Secondary Teaching and Learning Guides for the Arts

Examples of manaakitanga in arts classrooms. Mannaakitanga is about values of integrity trust sincerity and equity. Through manaakitanga the teacher and fellow students recognise and affirm the identity of each student in open and trusting relationships.

New Zealand Curriculum Resource Bank

This tool organises resources and information that support professional learning and leadership as schools implement The New Zealand Curriculum. There is a selection of resources for The Arts in this database.

Nga Toi Online

This site contains materials for teaching Ngā Toi in Māori medium schools in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Secondary Education Portal

Information resources and guidance to support secondary teaching and learning.

Secondary Schools Arts Coordinators’ Funding

Since 2009, schools have no longer been required to apply for their allocated funds or to provide activity reports to the Ministry. All state and integrated schools have received tagged funds for the Secondary Schools Arts Coordinators Project in their operational funding in instalments in January, April, July and October. The amount they receive depends on the number of students in each school, with a base amount of $1,000.

Schools determine how they use the funding – this may be to employ an Arts Coordinator or may also be used for their students to attend Arts events or to have artists/musicians come into their school.

Read the 2004 Evaluation Report of the project here.

Success for Boys

This New Zealand Ministry of Education website is intended to help teachers build on existing practice to create opportunities for all boys to succeed.

Tales from Te Papa

This teaching resource features 100 Tales from Te Papa mini-documentaries that showcase many of the unique pieces that Te Papa holds in trust for the nation. Each Tale is supported by curriculum links questions for students response templates teaching resources and links to relevant material on the Te Papa website. This resource is the result of a partnership between TVNZ 7 Vero and Te Papa.

Tangata whenuatanga - Senior Secondary Teaching and Learning Guides for the Arts

Tangata whenuatanga represents place-based socio-cultural awareness and knowledge of the whenua or land we come from.

Te Manu Aute

Te Manu Aute is a centre for gifted and talented students in the arts. Teachers and students can register for classes and materials that are multi-cultural and based on the Aotearoa New Zealand and Pasifika experience.

Theatrical Resources: Music Theatre International

This site provides resources to go with many of the most well-known shows like Fame Annie and Fiddler on the Roof. The study guides explore issues that are pertinent to the era and themes of the shows. A great resource for teachers who want to use the school show as an assessment tool.

Tino rangatiratanga - Senior Secondary Teaching and Learning Guides for the Arts

Examples of tino rangatiratanga in arts classrooms. Tino rangatiratanga is the principle of relative autonomy – the goal is to gain relative control over one's own life and cultural well-being.

Unravelling the Mystery of Avant-Garde Art

Whanaungatanga - Senior Secondary Teaching and Learning Guides for the Arts

Examples of whanaungatanga in arts classrooms. Whanaungatanga involves relationships (between students school-wide and with the community) based on high expectations.

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