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Student Task Sheet - Optional

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Investigation - Approx: 3 Period

  1. In small groups students investigate one of the historical clothing examples - Te Rauparaha wearing a naval uniform, late 1840s ; Woman's dress, early 1900s;  Man's jacket, c 1900 ; Chasuble, 1978 - by filling out a Venn Diagram which compares the traditional style of clothing with the item you are investigating. You may need to use the Internet to find out details for filling in the traditional style section of the Venn diagram.
  2. Join with another group who is working on the same asset as you and compare what you have found out. Share any additional information so that both groups have all of the information.
  3. Your teacher will lead a class discussion about what has been learnt from the investigations of the historical items of clothing.
  4. Your teacher will lead a whole-class discussion about contemporary wearable art. You will mainly talk about the Graffiti dress 'Bombacific', 1995 and 'Kiwi quarter acre', 1997. You will also look at the World of Wearable Art website.

Producing the wearable art - Approx 7 - 10 Periods

  1. In groups of four brainstorm 'What are some ways that elements of our local culture could be turned into a piece of wearable art?'
  2. Working in pairs, draw up a plan for a wearable art accessory (hat, scarf, glasses etc.) that incorporates one or more of their ideas from the brainstorm.
  3. In pairs, students produce your wearable art accessory.
    • You will need to source many of your own materials for the making of the artwork. Many of these could be collected from around home and school. Your teacher may provide a range of recycled items - bottles, food wrapping, magazines and newspapers etc.
    • Your teacher will assist you to find assembly methods for putting together your wearable art accessory.
  4. In pairs, present your wearable art accessory to the class.
  5. Complete the peer assessment sheet and hand in your work.

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