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Learning Experience: Use the Design Process to produce a graphic design based on the theme 'Representations of Aotearoa New Zealand'

Investigation (UC, CI) - Approx 1-2 Period

  1. In small groups investigate the collections of assets (Flags, Souvenirs, NZ Design). Each group will need a leader, recorder and reporter. When investigating the assets you are attempting to answer the following questions:
    • What do these items tell us about who we are as people of Aotearoa New Zealand?
    • How did we use to represent ourselves to the rest of the world?
  2. Report back to the class the discoveries you have made, in relation to the set questions.
  3. Form a group with students you have not yet worked with on this assignment. In this group brainstorm 'What do we want to present to the rest of the world about who we are?'
  4. Report your ideas from the brainstorm back to the rest of the class. You will need to make your own copy of this whole-class brainstorm to help you with the next task.
  5. In pairs, using the ideas you have collected during tasks 2 and 4, fill in a Double Bubble to compare and contrast the elements of an Aotearoa New Zealand identity you want to get rid of, those you want to retain, and the new ones you want to include

Design (DI, PK) - Approx 6-7 Periods

  1. Individually, working from the ideas that have been brainstormed, produce a design for either a flag or a poster that shows the way you think Aotearoa New Zealand should present itself to the rest of the world.
    1. Produce 5 thumbnail drawings of your ideas.
      • Select the best two of these ideas, and refine them (this will include finding appropriate images - from books, internet, hand drawn etc - for use in the designs)
    2. Join with two other students for a critique of your designs. Try and answer the following questions about each of your designs (remember, the purpose of a critique is to help each other come up with a better final art works, not to pick on what people have done in their art works).
      • What does this design show us about who we are as people of Aotearoa New Zealand?
      • What could be changed about it to make it more clearly show the ideas you are trying to communicate?
      • Can viewers understand and relate to it?
      • Do improvements to layout, text, font etc need to be made?
    3. Make the suggested change
    4. Produce a final copy of the poster or flag design
  2. Present a class exhibition of 'Representations of Aotearoa New Zealand'.

Download Word file (Word 23 KB)

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