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Student Task Sheet

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Learning Experience: Research and paint a self-portrait that shows an understanding of the Rita Angus self-portrait 'Rutu'. Investigation (UC, CI) - Approx: 4 Periods

  1. In small groups use SCAMPS to investigate one of the portraits.
  2. Take part in a class comparison of the 'traditional' style portraits ( Captain James Cook 1776-80 ; 'Darby and Joan', Ina Te Papatahi, Ngā Puhi ) with 'Rutu' using a Double Bubble . The aim of this task is for you to become aware of the ways that artists use combinations of art-making traditions to produce new art works, and the way that portraiture has changed over time.
  3. In pairs, produce an A3 Presentation that compares one of the 'traditional' style portraits with one of the more contemporary ones ( Portrait of Katherine Mansfield ; 'Rutu' ; 'Te Puhi o te tai Haruru' ). Using a Double Bubble may help you with this task. The aim of this task is to reinforce your learning from task 2, and to transfer it to a new, but similar, setting.
  4. Take part in a teacher-led whole class discussion about the key elements of 'Rutu'

Producing a portrait (PK, DI) - Approx 12 - 14 Periods

  1. Working in pairs, brainstorm possible symbols and references that you could include in your own portrait.
    • Physical characteristics relating to your ethnic backgrounds
    • Religious symbols
    • Personal symbols
    • References to the landscape where your live.
  2. Individually, draw symbols and collect (from magazines, photocopies etc) source material for your portraits.
  3. Sketch a self-portrait.
  4. Draw some of your symbols from task 2 into your self-portrait and in the background place references to the landscape where you live. Think about the colours you will use (remember that you want your portrait to look similar to 'Rutu' in some ways).
  5. When you are satisfied with your sketch critique it with the other member of your pair (from task 1) using LAPs.
  6. Make the suggested changes then transfer it onto a prepared ground.
  7. Using a palette of intense colours, paint your self-portrait in the style of 'Rutu'
  8. Complete the peer assessment sheet and hand in your finished work.

Download Word file (Word 23 KB)

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