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SCAMPS example - Investigation Task 1

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Art work: Captain James Cook, 1776 - 80

Subject - Captain James Cook: explorer and navigator.

Colour - Muted greens, creams, browns and blacks. Skin tones.

Artist, Date & Size - John Webber, 1776 - 80. Size not listed.

Materials & Techniques - Materials not listed. Very realistic painting style, with smoothly blended colour.

Pose - Standing, leaning against something. 3/4 length portrait (doesn't include his feet). Cook is looking towards us.

Symbolism - refers to Cook's achievements (telescope suggests his explorations and mapping of the Pacific). Clothing is the uniform of a Royal Navy Post Captain.

SCAMPS - Describe the art work by filling in the details

Art work:

Subject -

Colour -

Artist, Date & Size -

Materials & Techniques -

Pose -

Symbolism -

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