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A3 Presentation Example - Investigation Task 3

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'Elizabeth Solomon' Vs. Portrait of Katherine Mansfield
'Elizabeth Solomon' painted by Richard Noble in 1862 Portrait of Katherine Mansfield painted by Anne E Rice in 1918


  • Both are portraits of women
  • Both women are in similar poses - sitting with hands on lap
  • Both use reds, oranges and browns - warm colours
  • Both show aspects of the sitter's personality - Solomon's through the clothing and jewellery she is wearing, and Mansfield's through the clothing she is wearing and the book in her hands


  • 'Elizabeth Solomon' is painted in muted colours - browns, blacks, greys
  • Portrait of Katherine Mansfield is painted in strong, bright colours, showing Rice's interest in the work of the Fauvist painters and Henri Matisse
  • Lack of fine detailing in the portrait of Mansfield, compared to very realistic, detailed portrait of Solomon

What have we learnt from this?

In the time between the painting of the portrait 'Elizabeth Solomon' (1862) and the Portrait of Katherine Mansfield (1918) artists had moved away from trying to show the sitter exactly as they looked in real life. Rice used colour and a looser painting style to show different aspects of the Mansfield's personality and the things that were important to her and that she was known for.

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