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Sports Dance Unit

A dance unit plan for level 2 (year 7-8)

Duration of unit: 6 weeks – 12 sessions of 30 minutes


This resource is made up of the following sections. To access them, click on the links:

Teaching and learning sequence: Lessons 1–6

Teaching and learning sequence: Lessons 7–12

Note that this unit is specially designed for year 7-8 students who have little or no prior learning in dance, hence the level 2 achievement objectives. However, the activities could be adapted for higher levels if desired.Printing this resourceTo download and print this unit plan, select from Word or PDF formats:

Curriculum links
Achievement objectives
Achievement objectives
Developing Practical Knowledge in Dance (PK)
Students will identify and explore through movement the dance elements of body awareness, space, time, energy, and relationships.
Developing Ideas in Dance(DI)
Students will initiate and express dance ideas based on a variety of stimuli.
Communicating and Interpreting in Dance (CI)
Students will share dance through informal presentation, and describe how dance expresses ideas and feelings
Understanding Dance in Context (UC)
Students will demonstrate an awareness of dance as part of community life.

Dance elements used

  • Body awareness
  • Space
  • Energy

Learning outcomesStudents will be able to:

  • improvise a variety of sports actions
  • contribute to a group dance based on a sports theme
  • share dance with rest of class
  • respond to own and others' dance.
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