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Maui: A Pacific Super Hero

An integrated Primary School Arts resource based on super heroes aimed at Level 3 of the curriculum. Written by: Kerri Fitzgerald (dance and drama), Celia Stewart (music) and Helen Moore (visual arts).

There are four sections containing learning in and through the ARTS, exploring:

  1. Who are the super heroes of popular culture?
  2. Maui - why was he the super hero of the Pacific?
  3. Who are our heroes now? Why?
  4. If you were a super hero, what attributes would you have?


Arts discipline areas
Sound Arts: Music
Visual Arts
Learning activities
Whole class discussion/action
Small group work
Written work
Investigation & research
Presenting and sharing work
Viewing & analysing

Curriculum streams key

PK: Practical Knowledge DI: Developing Ideas
CI: Communicating & Interpreting UC: Understanding Context
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