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Dancing the Key Competencies

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This resource was written by Julie Cadzow with assistance from Patrice O'Brien. They are both Dance facilitators with TEAM Solutions, University of Auckland.

The resource contains ten units of work, the Dance Teacher's Tool Kit, and notes about the Key Competencies and Dance.

Each of the ten Dance units uses the Key Competencies in many ways, but one competency is the focus for each unit.

Suggestions for assessment are given and all, or just a selection can be used.

Music suggestions are provided, and relevant websites and references are given.

The Tool Kit is a bank of worksheets and resources ready to be photocopied (or modified to suit) and used in Dance lessons in schools.

  • The Key Competencies and Dance Some of the many ways the Key Competencies are developed through participation in Dance
  • Dance Teacher's Tool Kit All levels A bank of resources for Levels 1-5 to photocopy and use in the teaching of dance
  • Stretch It Out! Level 1 - Managing Self Moving Mathematics! Students explore the characteristics of geometric shapes with movement
  • The Caterpillar's Day Level 1 - Using Language, Symbols and Texts A class of caterpillars use action words to create a short dance
  • Stretch It Out Even Further Level 2 - Participating and Contributing An extension of 'Stretch it out' where a class dance is created using lengths of elastic and lots of imagination.
  • Hop On The Bus Level 2 - Relating to Others The 'Walking School Bus' turns into a 'Dancing' bus
  • Dance Around the World Level 3 - Participating and Contributing A dancing journey with visits to Greece, Scotland, Samoa, and Aotearoa/New Zealand
  • The Big Overseas Adventure Levels 3 & 4 - Relating to Others Take the class away on a world adventure in the classroom.
  • Signal It! Level 4 - Using Language, Symbols and Texts Semaphore signals come alive through Dance
  • Bound and Free Level 5 - Thinking A trip back in time to the early days of Jazz, and exploration of restricted and unrestricted movement
  • Research It Level 5 - Using Language, Symbols and Texts This is a differentiated study of a dance style/genre with templates for recording information
  • Dancing Poems Levels 1-3 - All the Key Competencies Liven up your Literacy programme by turning Poetry into Dance. Two poems from School Journals are used as stimuli for Dance
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